Independence in Support of Liberty

The New Mercantilism

Oil Tanker

Interdependence of nations upon one another is essential to justify an international control grid. A nation–or a person–who is independent can not be easily controlled. Independence is the ability to say, upon noting injustice, “Screw you!” with little or no consequences.

Several years ago Lindsay Williams mentioned on the Alex Jones broadcast that once oil prices reach a certain point, the reserves held by the US will be released and dependence upon the Middle East for oil will become less significant (yes, this might trigger a war, as Don and I discussed in our Pearls of Liberty video on Sunday, February 27th).

Yay, right? Well, no, not exactly yay. Does that not give us in the US independence? Umm, no. A few years ago it might have, when we had our own manufacturing and our own agriculture. Go look at the container of grapes in your refrigerator. Hmm. I live in California, one of the world’s greatest grape growing climates, and my grapes were grown in Chile. [That’s right. One of California’s richest agricultural regions, the place where everybody moved to find work in the Great Depression, is now barren because a certain kind of fish is “endangered” and the Valley can’t get water.] I don’t even need to ask you to look inside your shoe to see where it was made, right? You KNOW it was made in China. Look around the room you are in right now. Unless you have a lot of antiques, I imagine you have to look closely to find something not made in another country. Well, OK, your books might have been printed here. You can read all sorts of books while you are starving to death, right?

Although the Declaration of Independence is still technically in effect, you are nowhere near independent. One reason there were brown-outs in Texas around the time of the Superbowl was that their electrical power is brought in from MEXICO. Even the proud State of Texas is dependent upon another country for its electrical power.

Around the time of the “Great Depression” of the 1930s about 85% of people were directly tied to the land. This means that they knew how to grow food from the ground (what a concept), they had farm implements, they could grow / hunt / fish for their own food. They were somewhat independent. Today less than 10% of people in the US have this ability to get food from the land. God help us, right?

You / we are now dependent upon other nations by design. This makes us ever so much easier to squeeze and control.

The desire of Don’s and my hearts is for independence, both as a nation, and as individuals. We will serve and work toward independence for our nation. The independence of individuals is a thing each must desire for himself / herself.

According to Lindsey Williams, we have about two years before the dollar collapses (that was, as I wrote above, a few years ago, and as I update in August of 2017 the dollar has not yet collapsed). You see the turmoil in other countries (well, maybe not in the MSM because Justin Bieber said something really important this week, but you do know it’s out there, right?) and you think it cannot come here. Why on earth not? Unless our Good Lord intervenes, that turmoil is on its way here.

What can you do? Would you like to become independent? On a national level, read, learn, think. Don’t believe everything you are told–even by us. Go on a quest for truth. You can begin with Truther Girls videos on YouTube, Alex Jones on Infowars, or even our page, Illuminati for Ditzes and Dolts. Be set free by the truth, even if it hurts. Then break away from the herd and begin to think for yourself, and share your opinions and knowledge with everyone you love or care about. On an individual level, learn to sew, learn about natural healing, begin keeping a garden, learn to hunt, look into alternative ways to get water and electrical power.