My Brother Won’t Wake Up

Bruce and Donald Pirl were born and raised in California in the 1950s to second generation FDR WWII Democrat, nominally Christian, parents. Their parents had moved to California from Ohio after WWII. Don is the oldest. He was always seeking truth outside mainstream boundaries. His spiritual search in the 1970s lead him through Transcendental Meditation (TM) and eventually to personal faith in Christ when Republican Ronald Regan was president of the country and championing the Pro-Life cause. The former California governor was regarded by Democrats as “unenlightened” to put it nicely, and Don’s spiritual awakening and political shift required a significant “re-wiring” of his core moral and spiritual values. Bruce’s “Christian testimony” is that Democrat President Jimmy Carter led him to faith in Christ.

Don became a constitutional conservative Republican, then later, Independent, while Bruce defends Obama and the Democratic Party as compared to the Republican, although he currently claims not to be a registered Democrat and to inhabit the political “center”.

Shortly after Don became a “born again Christian”, he learned initially via Christian radio, of the long American Patriot history concerning anti-Christian conspiracies against America’s foundations, and today recognizes that large “American” media corporations are working to destroy those foundations of individual liberty that made America great. Bruce believes that America was founded on the right to compromise and those who won’t compromise their values are destroying our republic.

The brothers twitter dialog has been going on for a few years now. Bruce thinks Don won’t “Wake Up”. Don thinks Bruce won’t “Wake Up”. Many families are experiencing something similar. The Twitter feed below is live and interactive. We hope you will find it enlightening, entertaining, and thought provoking.

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