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911 Tragedy Truth

One of the most difficult and significant truth hurdles to overcome (or one might say “red pills to swallow”) is the betrayal inherent in the 911 tragedy. This is a very difficult topic for most. I grieved for two months upon acknowledging to myself that 911 was, indeed, a false flag used to impose greater fear and restrictions upon Americans.

How does one effectively address 911 with loved ones who are still believing in the integrity of the 2001 US government? This link will take you to a list of 40 reasons to doubt the official story. Weep if you must, but if you don’t already, doubt, read them, please.

  • Have you thought about the psychological phenomena of projection (2 party) and transference (3 party) in the political arena? With so many broken families in our culture today, is it possible that many people might be looking for reasons to reject Donald Trump as president because they feel (rightly or wrongly) that their fathers have neglected them?