Definitions of Terms

World Banking Cartel – this is a group of megalomaniacs who wish to control money, people and resources through whatever means necessary

Bohemian Grove – a Northern California hangout for Illuminati and Illuminati sympathizers. Cathy OBrien share in her book Trance Formation of America about experiences she had there as a sex slave. She said mind control sex slaves who were growing older or who were becoming uncooperative were used in human sacrificial rituals at the Grove. The scene at the mansion in Eyes Wide Shut shares some characteristics with Bohemian Grove encounters according to eye witnesses, and the Grove may have been part of the inspiration for the orgy scenes in the film.

Illuminati – a legendary (because it is secret) group of sociopaths joined together for the purpose of world domination

Sociopath – a predatory person without the natural empathy for others that prevents most people from being completely evil

Project Monarch – an MK Ultra-related mind control program designed for the development of mind control slaves used for purposes of sex and espionage (for more insight, read Cathy Obrien’s book, Tranceformation of America, or Brice Taylor’s book Thanks for the Memories the Truth Has Set Me Free or search for these ladies on YouTube)

Presidential Model – a Project Monarch sex slave developed to serve Presidents, as well as crime bosses, world leaders, prime show business people and athletes