Four Reasons to Not Change Your Thinking

Can we be confronted by undeniable truth and remain unchanged? It happens every day. How can this be? Here are reasons why our minds might be as Teflon that deflects truth.

Helplessness. People don’t want to feel helpless. Sometimes problems that seem very large leave us feeling cornered with no place to turn. We would rather not acknowledge a problem we feel inadequate to fix.

Fear. Like frightened children hiding under the covers, we sometimes would prefer to ignore problems. Maybe they will simply go away. Hmm. Ya think?

Pride. Sometimes we simply don’t want to acknowledge that we have been wrong. After all, we told too many people that Ronald Reagan (or Clinton) was a great president. We said it was OK that Dick Cheney’s daughter was a lesbian: it wasn’t his fault, was it? We believed it was the right thing to bomb the Middle East to eradicate terrorism. Ooooops. What if we were wrong? We can’t be effective in bringing about change unless we ourselves are willing to change, and that change begins when we admit we have been wrong.

Mind Control. You’re not influenced by mind control, you say? Do you ever hear or see a commercial, a news program, a movie or a talk show? Do you ever read newspapers or novels? Do you listen to music? If so, you have very likely been influenced. You have very likely had thoughts that were placed in your mind, intentionally, from the outside. The main stream media is wired to shape thought. The most obvious aspect of this is in the form of commercials. However, if a handful of people control media, their world view will tend to permeate all media. When you digest media content, you are likely to absorb that world view.

How can these issues be overcome so that thinking can change? Awareness is the first step. Be as honest with yourself as possible regarding your fears, your feelings of helplessness, and your pride. Decide what is truly important. Would you prefer to feel good about yourself and your views, or would you prefer to be an effective human being with potential to make a difference in this country and world for your children and grandchildren?

Change is possible! Change within your thinking process is possible, and change in the world is possible if enough people will share in an awakening to truth.

Jesus said “They shall know the truth and the truth shall make them free.” We hope you will be free.

Don & Cindy