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October 6, 2017

This is Friday of a long, stressful week of news. TGIF, I guess.

I’m asking myself, “Why am I doing this? Why am I posting these thoughts and news articles?”

From a weekly Pearls of Liberty video a few years ago, to a daily news update video I made for a few years, to Winston cartoons, to returning to do daily updates here, why do Don and I do this? Why do I do it?

I happen to believe people can make a difference. Those who have made great sacrifices to try to make a difference are worthy of us lending whatever support we can.

To represent those trying to make a difference I chose TR Knudsen, whom we had the privilege of meeting, and whose story we had the privilege of recording, as posted here. He was the real-life character represented by Keanu Reeves in the film Chain Reaction. He was part of a team striving to make free energy available to humanity. He lost his sight in that effort, from watching the Brown’s Gas process without goggles.

Does any of this make a difference? Will these sacrifices bear any sort of fruit? I think so. I hope so. Why would one get up in the morning if one did not believe one’s efforts could bring forth some benefit to somebody?

If you learn something of value from us, that’s enough. We have big hopes for what we want to see America become. We have big dreams for the future. But if the very worst happens; if nothing works out the way we hope, that’s OK. GOD is faithful. The writer of Hebrews let us know that some die without seeing the fulfillment of the promises; and they are watching us with even greater hope that we see that fulfillment, and they see it through our experience of it.

I never heard of Yazoo before we watched Fringe a few years ago. But this song of theirs has come to represent for me the hope we can find even in the midst of despair:

But is despair my expectation? Never! MAGA!

“…If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

A Little More of Cindy’s Story August 2016

I really feel I owe some of my Dem friends an explanation as to why I will vote for Donald Trump in November. I originally posted it as a FB comment, then placed it on my wall, then decided to record it more permanently. So, here it is:

In 2008 I was bitterly disappointed by the Republican party. As a long-time avid Republican supporter I realized that year that the Reps did not intend to put up any serious candidate who would represent the ideals for which I became a part of the Republican party.

FLASHBACK (and I’m trying to be as brief as possible): in the early 80s I was a young mom, a passionate believer in the right of babies to be born, and a rather naive Christian. I began attending a small monthly breakfast meeting of Republicans. It was an open meeting, but only a handful of people generally showed up. Eventually I was asked to be a Precinct Chairman, and then was asked to fill a position on City Council when someone had to step down to serve on a Grand Jury. I willingly accepted. I share this to frame the fact that I was a DEDICATED Republican believer at that time.

A series of things happened that caused me to gradually become disillusioned with not only the GOP, but politics in general (I saw the corruption from inside), yet I remained a Republican. When George Bush’s victory (yeah, now I know he stole it) was contested I stayed up late until he was declared a winner, then awoke the next day to find the controversy was still raging. For the most part I believed what the Republicans said. I thought the other guys were lying (I said I was naive   ).

Now flash forward to 2008. I realized the Republicans were no longer courting “right wing Christians”. They had used us and tossed us aside. Now that I recognize that MO I realize the Dems have done that same thing to blacks, hispanics, gays, etc., and NOW they are doing that to WOMEN.

But I have jumped ahead a little, because in 2008 I still wasn’t really aware of how much of a pattern it is for political parties to play certain groups of people as if we were trump cards (no pun intended).

The next part of my journey was to be astonished by the banker bailout when 99% of Americans were opposed to it. For anybody who forgot that time or never understood it, please watch THE BIG SHORT, a fun, excellent film that shows the ineptitude (or, at the top, likely evil intentions) that led to that banking crisis.

The banker bailout caused me to question the whole political system. We began listening to InfoWars and soon I came up against the harshest, most devastating reality in the whole quest for truth: 911 was an inside job   It took me a couple of months of being constantly bombarded with facts before I could acknowledge that, but facts don’t lie, and eventually truth won me over.

So now, since 2008, I have been looking around, wondering how we can all get out of this mess. I have been to all sorts of meetings, prayed a lot, talked a lot. For a few years I actually produced a daily short news digest.

And NOW, DONALD TRUMP has come on the election scene. He is a REAL person; he is outside the corrupt political system; he has obtained success on his own, without blood on his hands from a scandal like Whitewater. Has he been an astute, sometimes brutal businessman? Sure he has.

But do I believe he loves America and Americans and will TRY to do good for us?

Yes, I do. I had pretty much stopped voting in elections. A few years ago I voted for Cynthia McKinney and Roseanne Barr. [I still   Cynthia McKinney and would gladly vote for her in an election.] I was looking for ways to live outside the system altogether because I thought that was the only path for a person who held the ideals I hold.

Now my hope that we can all move together into a brighter future has sprung to much greater vitality. America represents, in human history, some magical, almost holy ideal that we CAN be our OWN sovereigns! We don’t need royals. We ARE royals!

Trump believes that. He doesn’t hold “ordinary” people in disdain, like most of our political elite and media elite do. He wants us all to be successful. YES, I DO believe that.

That is why I am defending Trump. As I began to write I thought I would write more about Hillary. But I find I don’t need to, really. It should be evident that she is a part of the political crime boss machine; the same one that has put in our last 3-4 presidents. ISN’T THAT ENOUGH FRAUD? I think it is. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA IN DELIVERING US FROM THE POLITICAL MACHINE!

Donald & Cynthia Pirl

Don and Cindy Pirl
Don and Cindy Pirl

We love freedom; we love the United States. We also love and wish to serve Jesus as well as His expression on earth: people.

Just prior to the 2008 elections when the banker bailout was approved by Congress we realized something was terribly wrong in this country. We both had some knowledge of”conspiracy theories” about an imminent one world government takeover, but it somehow seemed unlikely and far off. Suddenly we were aware it was confronting us. We began a quest to learn exactly the extent of what we began to realize was a takeover. Don found Alex Jones, Cindy found The Truther Girls, both of which opened many more doors for a pursuit of truth.

Now there are many stories every week that must be told–but which the MSM (Main-Stream Media), having been bought and subjected to tight control, are extremely unlikely to tell. Not everyone is able to filter through all of the Internet news stories each week, but people must be able to hear essential information. So we have decided to distill the information we glean (mostly Don) into a form which we hope will help you become more knowledgeable, wiser, and, above all, FREER, and an agent for liberty.

We welcome comments and interactions. Please share freely. Don typically tweets several important news stories per day. You can follow him on Twitter via @donaldpirl aka Blaise Pascal. Don is a living human being, not a legal fiction.

Blessing & hope,

The Pirls
Don & Cindy Pirl



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