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Do You Have the Brain of a Fish?

Deeper Insights

See how these fish won’t depart from the school? Yes, it’s an effective strategy, but they employ it because they can’t adapt their environment to themselves. Therefore they effect this adaptation to their environment that helps them be safer, and makes spotting food more easy.

You have the ability to adapt the environment to yourself. You were endowed by your Creator with free will.

You can be an individual.

You don’t have to follow the crowd like a fish.

Isn’t that good news?

Because since GOD created you to be an individual, you will be safer choosing your own path. Social engineers treat you like fish, believing you will seek safety and security in the midst of the crowd; believing you won’t think for yourself. Believing, for instance, that you will be more concerned about a porn star than about national security; that you will be more persuaded by a handful of students than by thousands of years of history – because the established media and social controllers are using all their resources to make you believe that everyone else is.


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