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Insights on Students’ Lives Matter (Sound Somewhat Familiar?)

Civil War 2.0, Tyranny

So it looks like BLM failed. Black people were smarter than the social controllers estimated, and wouldn’t go along with attacking an administration who provided so many jobs and such a promise of a brighter future for them.

Who is easily persuaded to spend the weekend partying with a tiny bit of protesting thrown in? Hmmmmmmm. How about high school students? So the ‘Black’ in “____________ Lives Matter” got switched to ‘Students’. See? If one plan fails, go to another plan; manipulate another group.

So now young people are being exploited. Being so practiced at pedophilia, the evil elite have just about perfected this trick of abusing the young. Anybody remember the Hitler youth? In case you don’t, there’s a video at the end of the post to refresh your memory.

Let’s start with the inevitable Craigslist ad soliciting paid participation:

From there we should move on to some insights into the life of David Hogg, courtesy of Twitter:

Then there’s Delaney Tarr. Don tells me he saw on Twitter that Datak and Stahma are her parents, but I don’t think that’s right (for any to whom it’s not obvious, that’s a joke):

Delaney appears in the featured video, telling us clearly, that it won’t appease America haters to simply ban bumpstocks. No. They won’t stop until they take away ALL gun rights. Thanks for being honest, Favi Tarr.

Learn from history. Here’s the most chilling moment of a very chilling film:


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