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Globalism’s False Zero Sum Paradigm = Lack Mentality

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How philosophical should I be? How about if I go back to lucifer’s perception of lack caused by his jealousy for the SON, and for humankind of whom the SON was Firstborn? What if lucifer didn’t believe GOD the FATHER had enough love to go around? Many believe lucifer invented commerce so he could control resources. Through commerce he imposed his lack-based mentality: there’s not enough to go around so let’s control it all.

That’s not true in GOD’s economy. The blessing of GOD is manifested through abundance. The earth and the universe offer abundance: “…The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof…” Every person in the world could fit into the State of Texas and be less densely packed than those currently living in NYC.

Free energy and desalinization and other stifled tech have the potential to destroy lack. The earth is not a zero sum game. Matter can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be transmuted 🙂

But the globalists, like lucifer, believe they can benefit from imposing lack through controlling resources. Jon Rappaport’s vid addresses that issue.

President Trump has plans to move to free energy technology and other technology that will bring abundance, health, and well-being to humanity. Neo said “…There is no spoon…” The Bible says there is no lack in GOD’s economy.

Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies


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