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Censorship OFF THE HOOK!

Absurdity, Censorship

Alex Jones is being sued by Georgetown University, as we noted yesterday.

President Trump’s campaign slogan, Keep America Great, was banned by Twitter.

Fox News is being sued for speculating that Seth Rich was murdered (not a stretch, considering the facts surrounding the death).

The CBTS Reddit was shut down.

THOUSANDS of YouTube channels have been shut down.

My head is, quite honestly, spinning. FIGHT BACK, Y’ALL! We dare not give up or even slow down.

#DiscreditReddit #InternetBillOfRights #FirstAmendment

If you don’t know what I’m referencing, you may enjoy (or, quite honestly, be nauseated by) these tweets”

It cuts against my grain to adjust my speech in order to avoid censorship. But here’s a way to do hide your speech in sweet, harmless little bubbles:

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