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The Theft of Intellectual Property: from the US by Other Countries, or from Corporations by Creators?

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I know, I know. People sign contracts that allow their work to be used. But a lot of corporations claim to own intellectual property that, though someone may accept their TOS or a EULA, don’t really belong to them. For instance, a few years ago Paypal claimed copyright to all the work of their users:

PAYPAL ASSERTS COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP OVER ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF ITS USERSPayment processor announces alarming update to terms of agreement

We terminated all of our Paypal accounts at that time.

How many hearts have been broken by record companies and production houses? Creators pour their hearts and souls into a project and end up poverty stricken, while the companies that claim ownership to their work keep raking in the big bucks.

Why am I bringing this up now? Here’s what President Trump tweeted this morning:

Quite honestly, I do not so much mind if someone uses an app to stream a movie without paying for it. What I do care about is the way media companies squeeze all the life out of creators – and / or only hire the talent they can easily control – while becoming rich on the efforts of others.

I also object to media giants like Disney absorbing and claiming ownership to traditional stories like fairy tales, and purchasing material like Lord of the Rings just before they come out of copyright. Copyright is mean to expire because these works are the braintrust of the human race. They belong to all of us.

We often discuss the fact that fairy tales have historically been used to help children learn to spot sociopaths and psychopaths. We need access to those stories.

When corporations claim ownership to such materials they can drop the displeasing / dangerous ones into memory holes.

Which brings us to the subject of the secret caves under the Vatican where very ancient documents are stored – in secret. As Buffy the Vampire Slayer might say, “Who made them the king of all knowledgefulness?” As Job might have said, “You are the people and all knowledge dies with you” (well, he did say that, actually). Here’s a link for the secret caves:

What Really Lies Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives?

So, Dear President, if and as you address copyright issues, please release for us the information that is our braintrust as the People of Terra. Thanks!


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