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Would You Accept a Future Crafted by the Vatican, the Chinese Communists and the British Empire?

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No? I wouldn’t either. But, likely, neither would the British people, as the featured video, this Infowars article, and some tweets below about having their demands for Brexit ignored suggest (and, yes, I’m reasonably assuming that the crafted future would base its New World Order around the EU).

I often avoid reading Benjamin Fulford these days. He seems to spout whatever propaganda his sources feed him without any sort of evaluation. He swings from writing that various groups are good guys or bad guys, writes that maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all to worship the black sun, and suggests things as bizarre as that Canada had the answer to US problems. He really seems enamored with the Royals – extremely enamored.

Yesterday his blog said that the Vatican et al are planning the future of the world. Instead of elaborating, I’ll quote:

“Growing evidence signals that the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the British Empire, and the Pentagon are negotiating the creation of a world government.”

He goes through some points that I guess, to him, amount to “growing evidence” and perhaps they do. Evaluate for yourself if you are interested.

However, even if he is right, a huge assumption is being made by the Vatican and the British Empire that they have the emotional / political / human clout to make these sorts of decisions on behalf of the people they believe they represent. This isn’t the dark ages. Evidently they don’t yet realize: we do not consent! The people of the world don’t belong to those people, or to the institutions whom they serve.

I agree with Nigel Farage: ignoring the voice of the people’s wish for independence will result in crisis.

Here are some tweets on the Brexit issue, which I believe represents this larger issue of world order / world domination (see next blog entry for interesting perspective from Alex Jones concerning possible alignments with China / Pakistan or Russia / India):

Can you recognize the fingerprints of the globalists in opposing Brexit? To help you out, here’s a tweet that highlights the sort of fear porn we have become accustomed to seeing, courtesy of George Soros & Co:


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