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Methinks the Musician Doth Protest Too Much: Is Quincy Jones Pointing Fingers to Divert Attention from His Own Sins?

Culture & Entertainment, PedoGate

Lots of scandals seem to have broken with a recent interview of Quincy Jones by Vulture Magazine. Here’s a partial list:

  • Michael Jackson stole his best songs and was greedy and machiavellian
  • The Beatles were the worst musicians in the world
  • The rich don’t care, but Quincy himself cares
  • GOD is pushing the bad in our face to make us fight back
  • Bill Cosby, Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein were all guilty – and Quincy didn’t like them
  • Donald Trump is limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic, and Quincy can’t stand him
  • Quincy dated Ivanka
  • Sam Giancana killed JFK.
  • Sinatra and Christopher Walken ritually murdered Natalie Wood

So there you have it, in case you were wondering: wonder no more.

Whether or not we believe Quincy might not even be the point. This all seems like obfuscation to me. Quincy himself has been accused of being responsible for Tupac’s death, and there have been those who have said Quincy was responsible for Whitney Houston’s death. I know a musician who claims to have been asked by Quincy to perform sexual acts to further his career.

I imagine in these coming days a lot of fingers will be flying in a lot of directions. May we all act in wisdom to bring the lawbreakers to justice.


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