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Chills & Tears & America’s Back: Super Bowl LII

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Yes, I’m using a commercial as my featured video. Yesterday was the first SuperBowl I’ve watched all the way through in quite some time. I was very glad I watched.

Yes, it was a very good game. Some of the commercials were excellent, and very pro-human, with only a few promoting anti-human / anti-male sentiments.

As far as I and the people with whom I was watching could tell, the halftime show was spiritually clean as a whistle. No satanic sacrifice, no weird symbolism, and nothing dehumanizing. Kauilapele stated that as well in his blog. If you want to examine it for yourself, here’s the vid (which you may have to view on YouTube):

How would I characterize SuperBowl LII? No kneeling; excellence, excellence, excellence; dad, mom & thanking “…My Lord & Savior, JESUS CHRIST…” I’m no huge sports fan, but this brought tears to my eyes:


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