…Things Dr. Corsi Said in Today’s CBTS Stream That Caught My Ear…

Deeper Insights

There was a lot; too much to mention everything. But I’d like to chronicle this bit:

When Dr. Corsi was asked whether President Trump would address the issue of chemtrails being acknowledged, he said that if we ask the President he will most likely address the issues of chemtrails, food that results in poor health and obesity, and even UFO files. But, he said, first the President needs to clean up the Justice Department related agencies. Then he will likely go after the Federal Reserve System – and the implication was the related agencies, such as the IRS. After that he will address some of the other issues (real things generally considered conspiracy theories), about which he does know, and is concerned.

President Trump listens to the American people, and our concerns become his concerns: WOW!

Below is the stream in which I heard the Dr. Corsi comments. It’s still live, so I’m not sure if there is a way to listen to the bit he is in. I’m guessing that later it will be uploaded as a vid of which you may only listen to part.

And here’s a new SCRIBD doc from Dr. Corsi: https://www.scribd.com/document/370425505/Qanon-Decode-Multiple-Posts-Mon-Tues-Jan-29-30-Vers-15-0-Narrative-Shifts-completed-Jan-31-2018-JEROME-CORSI


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