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#YouMightBeBrainwashedIf You Admire These Mules in Fine Harness

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I noticed the Vanity Fair Cover on Twitter the other day. I love watching movies, and most of the people on this cover have been in at least one film in my top fifty favorites.

But I feel betrayed by just about all of these people. Most of them are sell-outs. Tom Hanks goes sailing with the Obamas, Oprah pimps young blondes to Harvey Weinstein, DeNiro wants to punch out President Trump, and so on.

The photo itself presents the women as dominatrixes and the men as cucks willing to hide in the background.

These people do not represent a life I want – though from my youth I have been conditioned to want to be them. I don’t.

That conditioning has been broken: PRAISE GOD!

I’m not alone in not adoring these folks and this pic. Here are some tweets from others:


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