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The Down the Road Ploy: Rupert Murdoch Courts Conservatives While Lobbying POTUS to Make FB Exclusively Show Approved (Dino / MSM) News

Bona Fide Conspiracies, Censorship

You know the Coyote’s trick. He goes down the road ahead of the Road Runner and sets up traps.

Did you know that precisely how the social controllers herd us back into the funnel that leads to the slaughter house?

When they lose control of us right here right now, they go down the road a bit, start walking with us as if they were our friends, and then, at the first opportunity, they direct us to turn from the straight road to freedom we had chosen.

It’s been great to have Fox become, once again, a voice we can sort of trust (and it now occurs to me that perhaps Fox is one of the references in the Q question about whom we trust). I too enjoy feeling like I am a part of a larger group; a winning team. But I don’t want to follow a herd off of a cliff.

And perhaps that is precisely what Rupert Murdoch has planned in causing Fox News to swing back to the right a bit. We are all enjoying Hannity and Tucker and a few others (the numbers of the liked ones have grown since what’s her name that interviewed Alex Jones left). We get to, once more, watch some TV news that makes us feel like we are on the winning team. Cool.

Or maybe not. We need to hold all that at arm’s length. Because they’re not our friends. Oh, some of the individuals might share our good intentions, hopes & dreams for America. But evidently their boss does not (and why would we expect that he might?).

Alex Jones shared today that Rupert Murdoch is lobbying for internet censorship even worse than what we’ve previously heard of. Here’s the clip of Alex talking about it:

So, everyone, let’s agree to be like the Road Runner, and out wiley the Wileys, yes?


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