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Once Great Musicians Sell Out: U2 Reveal Themselves as Obvious Globalist Pawns

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I used to really love U2. Their music was inspired and fresh (in the early days), their lyrics seemed true and genuine, and they professed CHRIST.

I was pretty blown away when I saw a late evening interview with Bono (this was in maybe 1993) in which he talked about redemption being a financial term: “…Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors…” At that time he was advocating for the debt of third world countries to be forgiven: wiped away.

Flash forward: now he is helping Bill Gates vaccinate the third world, with the result that many women are sterile, and some die of vaccine injury. He has completely aligned himself with the agenda of the bankers / cabal. He has become their spokesperson.

How did they buy him? I can’t help but wonder, though it’s a question I don’t expect to have answered. The point is, they did.

So now there’s a U2 vid with Nazis marching near the White House. **Sigh**

You’re not on the side of the people, bro; you’re not doing this in the name of love.


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