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Why I Don’t Worry About Negative Economic Predictions


First of all, as Christians, we are never to worry. While faith generates the good things for which we hope, fear generates the negative things which we dread; a great Bible teacher said, “Fear is faith for what we don’t want.” So there’s that.

Next, I should confess: I’m not a whiz with numbers; and I’m an indefatigable optimist. Keep that in mind, please, and beware, I’m not offering financial advice.

I just heard Peter Schiff on Infowars. He’s betting against America; against the American economy. He’s sure our economy is going to fail. So are a lot of other people who pontificate about such things. Here’s why I am not too bothered by their negativity.

First of all, a lot of the negative predictions have to do with debt. And debt isn’t even real; not really. Debt is a bit of a construct. It’s made up. Here’s an interesting little vid that simply and briefly explains where money for loans comes from:

I acknowledge that there is a problem when other countries from whom we wish to make purchases don’t accept the debt we offer as payment, but long-term it’s good for America if we have to buy our own goods rather than the goods of some other country.

The second reason I don’t worry much is that I don’t think a lot of these guys take into consideration the new tech that is about to be released, and the new paradigms they will cause to be established. When fresh water and free energy are abundant – as I believe they soon will be due to stifled tech that will be released – money begins to become less significant. When we can get what we need most (food, energy, water) for free or by our own labor (growing food), the need for money is less pressing. Lack is a construct built to control. The earth brings forth abundantly. People are poor and hungry because resources are managed poorly, some through simple greed, and some through intentionally imposed scarcity.

Another reason I’m not much swayed by the economic naysayers is that they may have their own reasons for wanting negative cycles to swing into full force. Maybe they are short the market. Maybe they are heavily invested in China. Maybe they simply don’t see relevant things they don’t see.

Also, I don’t worry too much about the American economy because I think President Trump has proven / is proving that he has a plan. It’s not a narrow plan, and he isn’t myopic. Having an uncle who worked with Nikola Tesla, he knows about the free energy tech that can be released, as well as other game-changing tech. He knows about the Sukarno gold. He understands that the Federal Reserve is not federal and there is no reserve – only money created as debt. He knows about plans for a financial reset. As QAnon has been known to write, “We got this”.

Yep. I believe they do.


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