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Which Field Will You Play On?

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Yeah, I know, bad grammar in the header; as well as in this sentence. I’m in a hurry.

But I want to communicate this thought: we get to choose our degree of participation in this life.

I once heard a prophetic guy say that, as Christians, we choose our playing field. We can play sandlot ball. If we want we can raise our sights a bit and get on a little league team. We can play high school or college ball. We can go pro or semi-pro. It’s about discipline, commitment and practice. Sure, it’s OK to play sandlot ball. That might be our best spot; our calling.

When we find our place we will be more fulfilled and happy, and those around us will be better served.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your life, if you are frustrated by things going on around you that you feel you have no say in, then you can become more involved. You can go play on a different field. Start a blog, make some vids, burn DVDs and put them under people’s windshield wipers (if you’re more hip you may prefer thumb drives though they’re easier to ignore / lose). Find your field. Practice, play, and keep moving.

This week David Wilcock said that the Galactic Council / Alliance, or one of those high-ranking space groups, said that we evidently have done enough to tip the scales against the bad guys. Cool.

Believe David or not, this much is quite true: you can make a difference. We all can. Let’s!


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