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Who Raped the Shithole? The Genocide, Theft & Exploitation of Haiti

Deeper Insights

Can we agree? Actions speak louder than words. These are the Clintons’ – and other Deep State actors’ – actions toward Haiti.

Not absolutely moving in order of occurrence, I begin with the story told by Cathy O’Brien of being used as a mule to carry HIV virus from the Dominican Republic to Haiti to be released as part of a program of genocide. The story may be found in Cathy’s book; information regarding her book and story may be found here:

Trance Formation of America

More thoughts on a closely related topic:

Search results from a search of Haiti genocide 1937 . Go there and take your pick:

And now for the rapist in chief, Bill Clinton and Company:

How many of these do you want? ‘Cause you can find lots more on Twitter if you want…


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