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Flu Epidemic: A German New Medicine Healing Crisis?

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Could Americans be sick from extreme and prolonged cognitive dissonance? I believe that is a strong possibility. I’ll try to frame the concept for you.

Flu is raging through much of the US. Here’s the map:

Yes, I heartily believe that flu shots are partially responsible, and here’s a Natural News article about that:

The dangers of the flu shot

Jon Rappoport also has a great article out about the flu and flu shots. But I don’t want to focus on the usual conspiratorial view of the flu. Instead I want to consider the possibility that Americans are sick as part of a healing crisis resulting from trauma experienced from listening to MSM spin crafted to induce them to hate a man – yes, President Donald Trump – who is sacrificing, risking his life and fortune, and working very hard to make their lives better. The subconscious aspect of our thought processes is far more significant than our conscious aspect. On some level many Americans must know they are wrong about President Trump; that they have believed lies.

German New Medicine addresses illness as a resolution of trauma; precisely the sort of emotional trauma that could be induced by a media continually saying that a good man is a bad man.

America needs to heal. There is too much hatred and too much strife. The angel over the US is named Union. Union is the essence of our character as a nation.

Maybe a German New Medicine healing crisis is serving to bring healing to our nation. The challenge is that a healthy body is needed to pass safely through a healing crisis.

If the concept of German New Medicine is new to you, here is an article that can bring you understanding (see especially The Origin of Disease in the Brain):

The New Medical Paradigm

I wasn’t able to find much specific information about influenza in GNM literature online. Here is an article about the lungs which may be helpful:


And here is information about the trauma that can trigger colds:

German New Medicine, The Common Cold


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