Casual Crypto Riders Beware the Big Bank Crypto, Ripple

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NOT Financial Advice, But a Freedom Fighter Caution

After holding Bitcoin for a few weeks it might begin to burn a hole in your online wallet. You may begin to look around to see if you can ride some other coin up.

In your search, you might come across Ripple.

“Ripple is the banks’ method for pulling the value resident in Bitcoin.” That’s what a trusted friend who understands finance much better than I do said about Ripple.

The point of cryptos is to draw our resources OUT FROM UNDER the control of the big banks, yes? If so, why would we place those resources in Ripple? Sure, you might make a couple bucks. But the same players who have stolen the fruits of your labor via interest rates, the IRS and inflation – not to mention the banking crisis of 2008 & other banking fiascos – are backing Ripple. They will very likely serve up their financial chaos to crypto users via Ripple.

To gain some understanding you can scan these tweets (language caution on a few, though I feel the language is justified):


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