Overcome Shaming Mind Control: Know How Much You Are Loved and by Whom

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“Shaming” has evidently become a means of political interaction. But what is it, really? It’s a way for one person to force his will on another person; it’s a way to manipulate and control others. When done on a large scale intentionally to alter belief and behavior, I would consider it mind control.

Last night I read a Tweet in which someone claimed that all Trump supporters will now be shamed to the point that we will deny that we ever supported President Trump. I was stunned: this stranger declared that he would be able to alter my life; through shame. Not gonna happen! I couldn’t find that specific Tweet but here’s a sampling of ‘shaming’ tweets (my method of resisting shaming follows the tweets):

I guess that’s enough, yes?

Why does this ‘shaming’ work on people? Because people are desperate to be liked; to be loved. People are desperate to fit in. It’s how we are wired.

The reality, though, is that, as believers in the Holy GOD I AM and in CHRIST, there is only One By Whom we seek to be loved; One whose affirmation we crave. And HIS love we have, no matter what we do, because of the sacrifice JESUS made on the cross. It’s a done deal; we are accepted in the Beloved.

Here’s how I like to see this fitting into my life, and how this reality directs me as I interact with others: GOD’s love is like a rich, chocolate cake; the love of people is like the frosting. The frosting is fun, it’s nice, it’s yummy. When everything is going well, it’s great to have cake with frosting. But the frosting is, well, frosting. The cake is the substance.

Here’s another way to look at GOD’s love in contrast with the love of people: the sun shines every day. Sometimes there may be clouds, but the sun is there, shining the same every day. GOD’s love is like the sun. Are you with me so far? You know where this is going, yes? The love of people is like the moon. Sometimes it’s shining round and bright; sometimes it’s just a silver sliver; sometimes it’s just not there. The moon is beautiful. I love seeing the moon. But the moon doesn’t make the plants grow or the roosters crow. The sun is a constant. The moon comes and goes. GOD always loves us; through JESUS’ sacrifice HE is always pleased with us. People; meh: sometimes they show us love, sometimes they are too consumed with their own problems and fears to know and / or acknowledge if we even exist.

If you embrace those concepts of GOD’s love do you think you would be vulnerable to shaming mind control by Twitter shams?

Proverbs 14:6
A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.


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