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Good vs Evil: Can You Believe It?

Deeper Insights

The Bible says that at some point life will become so confusing that even the elect will have trouble holding to the truth. Have we arrived at that point? Discerning truth becomes ever more difficult.

Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? This much I know. The lies and obfuscation are thick and sticky. We must consider the source of information on various issues. So, yeah, there are Trump haters on Mueller’s team. That means that justice issuing from that team cannot be relied upon to be blind.

I’m leaning toward believing that virtually all of the hatred of President Trump is a masked hatred of GOD. That may sound dramatic. But it’s the only explanation that makes sense. Lawbreakers do not like and will not serve Lex Rex: The Rule of Law. Lawbreakers have had their way with this country for a very long time, as even the Bob Dylan song from the 70s that is the featured video attests: “…Law breakers makin’ rules…”


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