When Martial Law Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Deeper Insights

I woke up praying this: “LORD, set free the oppressed”.

I was praying that because I was powerfully reminded over the weekend how twisted the media truly is (see Joy Behar vid below). I also was reminded of how vulnerable many, many Americans are, unable to recognize the lies and think for themselves to search out the verity of claims made by the established media mockingbird.

People are goofed up. Nice people are very concerned about what is real and what is contrived; FAKE.

We may need to have a period of martial law when evildoers are arrested. People’s entire paradigm is going to be shattered. President Trump would like to gently help people put away their old paradigms. But the dino media is not going to let them do that. So we may see some drama โ€“ when, finally, the house of cards groans and collapses. People will be like children whose parents have gone through a bitter divorce. Some have already chosen the ‘bad’ parent, and they will learn they chose the wrong parent. M Scott Peck wrote that the most difficult realization with which to cope is learning a parent is / was evil. Millions will be like children coping with that sort of realization.

Benjamin Fulford wrote about that the possibility of martial law being imposed in his blog this week. I don’t accept every word from Fulford as truth, but in this case I believe he may be right. Only the first part of his blog can be read without subscription, but it will be available in its entirety on Thursday, so check back there if you want to read the rest.

U.S. military to declare martial law as DOJ, FBI criminality exposed


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