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Deeper Insights, Matters of Faith

I’m a Christian. Some Christians are Zionists. Therefore, I have some friends that have Zionist leanings. They believe Israel is a holy place (quite honestly I sort of do as well), and they believe that Israel should be protected from the un-holy.

I believe that Israel is used by the social controllers / Military Industrial Complex as bait to get Christians who hate war to desire war in the Middle East (yes, that is an oversimplification, but it serves in the presentation of this idea).

I have had Zionist friends begin conversations with me about why we should unconditionally protect Israel. I don’t agree with them for many reasons. One they might be able to understand is this: yes, there were twelve tribes. They filled the land given to GOD by Abraham. However, by the time of the Babylonian captivity only Judah and bits of a few other tribes like Levi and Benjamin were still around. For details, read the Books of Kings and the Chronicles of the Kings in the Bible. So when Judah and a few other tribes returned from Babylon, why would they expect (or how could they manage) all the land that all of the twelve tribes had been given? Then, when even Judah (a name from which the word ‘Jew’ is derived) was out of Israel for a few centuries, Israel was pretty much void of the people to whom GOD gave it for an inheritance. So who comes back to claim Israel in the 20th century? Judah (Jews)? If only Judah (Jews) maintained their identity to return to their homeland, why would they be given all the land given to all the tribes?

For further details and ideas, check this article:

Yoda: History of Palestine & Israel & 12 Tribes


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