Pearls of Liberty August 27, 2011


August 27, 2011

I. Libya
A. Very messy; brutal; underhanded
1) limited reporting
2) 114 tons of gold
3) replacement gov worse than Qaddafi
II. Silver and gold
A. Silver to be in high demand (mined out) by 2020
III. Bump in the road for organization we’re involved in
A. What men mean for evil God means for good 1) When God is involved sabotage achieves opposite of desired effect (Jesus’ death)
B. Most organizations will have saboteurs: Judas; Alexander Hamilton
IV. Ron Paul can’t win
VII. Style over substance
A. Quality can’t always be recognized by outward appearances
B. Aragorn: not all that glitters is gold; “Look fairer and seem fouler”
VII. Coal plants required to shut down: 25% loss of power
A. Shutting down America 1) Already lost most of industry; losing agriculture
Dr. Noa shared about Diabetes
Doctor You as alternative as and when health care is denied based on cost
VIII. Pirl Culture
A. George Carlin: 911 anniversary coming up: First Responders not allowed to participate
B. Heaven Seeking justice outside the system

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