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Overcoming the AI Threat

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This morning, September 5, Alex Jones is opening his show by talking about a dream / vision he had last night about the threat of AI. He was shown, based on the hard facts he already knows, a roll-out of AI crafted to virtually destroy our very humanity. Later the vid of what he said will be available on YouTube, and there is a strong possibility he will put together a report video or some such thing, as he was deeply affected by his night visions.

He based some of what he briefly shared early today on this article: Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule world

David Wilcock, Corey Goode and many others from many disciplines have written and spoken extensively regarding the AI threat. Some go so far as to characterize AI as being a manifestation — or even channel, if you will — of the mind of satan and his purposes and will for humanity.

I won’t wade too deeply into this now. I’ll wait for Alex to bring his tremendous gift for distilling massive amounts of information. But I want to offer just a few suggestions for holding freedom against AI:

  • Don’t place too great a value on broad affirmation. Social media can be tuned to make you feel like an outcast if you don’t tow the party line.
  • Read the classics. Get to gutenberg.org and download yourself some OLD books. Tap into the long-term expression of human life.
  • Read the BIBLE (I’d like to think this goes without saying). It is the expression of why GOD created us and what HE has in mind for us.
  • Spend time outside. Listen to birds, smell flowers, touch dirt.
  • Be in real relationships. Sit with people when you eat meals and TALK to them real time.
  • Have times when you keep your phone / devices in another room. Don’t always carry them with you. Never sleep with a phone in your bedroom.
  • Listen to music YOU choose. Don’t let Pandora or others select your music. Get yourself out to a used record store and get some physical CDs (DVDs too, while you’re at it) and BUY your own music; keep a physical copy.
  • The point above reminds me: OWN some things. When you rent / stream / whatever, you can lose access to things on the whim of another.
  • Keep physical copies of all your data. Don’t trust the cloud. Own your own software on a local drive and work on your drives. Keep your most creative work offline.
  • CREATE STUFF. Paint, play a musical instrument, sew clothes or quilts, throw clay to make pottery; make things with your hands.
  • Watch as little TV as possible, and select media very carefully.
  • Never follow suggestions from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon or others about what to watch next.

That’s all that comes to mind now, but I might add more suggestions later.


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