Blue Chicken Wars

Out There

For some time I have followed David Wilcock. When he introduced Corey Goode as a whistleblower to the Secret Space Program I enjoyed hearing Corey’s stories. They ring true. What can I say?

I mostly believe Corey. One of his claims that has been offensive to some is that he has seen some ET entities — far outside the realm of the frequently referenced “grays” — that others have never seen. People also don’t like the fact that is producing some comic books and other media based on his experiences. He also happens to have included in one of his stories an experience of having been released from some dark entities by calling on the Name of Jesus the Anointed One (CHRIST). Some in the esoteric community did not appreciate that.

Corey has been thoroughly vetted by David and people at Gaia TV.

One of the people respected in the Deep Alternative Media (I think I just coined that phrase, do you like it?) who have spoken against Corey is Cliff High. Cliff disdainfully calls David and Corey the “Blue Chicken Boys”. Cliff has appeared in some interesting videos produced by Sarah Westall lately. They are fun to watch. Yesterday I watched the third in the series and noticed an interesting reference at this point:

Cliff doesn’t like the “Blue Chicken Boys” because, due to their marketing efforts, they impacted his datasets on which he bases predictive models. I’m sure he has other reasons.

But, as I have heard many alternative media people say lately, “We hang together or we hang separately”. Jesus put it this way: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

The cause of truth is not served well when other seekers are maligned. We don’t all have to believe everything others say, and we don’t need to support those with whom we don’t agree. At the same time, we don’t have to attack them.


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