Crisis Actors: from Sandy Hook to Charlottesville?

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Of course most of us would prefer to believe nobody was really killed at Sandy Hook Charlottesville or any other place — ever. We don’t want bad things to happen to nice people, and especially to innocent children.

Honestly, since the great lie of 9-11, I tend to question events as reported by the conventional news. I do not mind being called a “conspiracy theorist” so long as acknowledgement is made that, yes, sometimes there are conspiracies to commit evil against humankind. Once the conspiracy is proven — once people are found to have conspired — we can lose the word ‘theory’ and focus on the conspiracy, and, more significantly, on the conspirators who are guilty of crimes against humanity.

There is some evidence that crisis actors were on camera in some of the reporting done on Sandy Hook.

The photo above is of a Sandy Hook “parent” compared with a photo of the mother of the girl (allegedly) run over in Charlottesville. Hair color, eyebrows, eye color and other aspects of appearance can be faked. Do you see a similarity here between bone structure and the positions / shape of teeth and lips?

This is filed in our “Out There” file. We aren’t sure about this. What do you think?


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