The Clash of the Titans

Deeper Insights, Matters of Faith

Nearly every day I am reminded of why tensions are amped up so high, and what is going on behind the scenes of those tensions.

This morning Alex Jones mentioned something about being told to stop talking about radical Islam (he didn’t say by whom or under what conditions). That caught my attention because I’ve been thinking a lot about how the true conflict we are seeing in our nation is not about political ideologies or individual struggles — though those orchestrating it make use of those things so they can engage people emotionally.

The true conflict isn’t between Islam and Christianity either, though that is a real conflict that is related to the deeper conflict. The conflict we are seeing play out is THE conflict of the ages: the clash between the holy and the profane. I could refer to it as “good vs evil” but that isn’t as clear, because, ultimately, the struggle we see is lucifer trying to justify himself and get a better deal where eternal judgment is concerned. If you are unfamiliar with that struggle, maybe you can read a book, like, well, maybe the Bible. Or if you don’t want to wade into that just now, you could try reading Ask for the Ancient Paths or listening to some podcasts from Ian Clayton. It’s a struggle that concerns you personally, and it serves your best interests to learn as much as you can about it.

The root of the conflict in our culture becomes more evident when Alex Jones mentions being told not to hype Islam as a threat, or David Wilcock shares that operatives told him to distance himself from Corey Goode (after some in the UFO community became upset about Corey calling on the Name of JESUS to be set free from some dark entities). Clearly, darkness is moving to suppress light. This is the clash between a Holy GOD and a fallen angel who knows how to cause a lot of trouble. It’s no secret WHO is going to win. Your part is to be sure you are on the right side of the conflict. No worries, it’s not like you have to strap on a sword or holster a gun. GOD is love and His directive is this: Love one another.


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