Punishing White People for Slavery: Would it Help?

Deeper Insights

I had to look something up on Twitter. While I was there I saw some Tweets from Paul Joseph Watson that seemed like a break from the intense news I’ve been looking at this morning. Yeah, I know: how intense is news that makes slavery seem less intense?

Answer: pretty intense; to encapsulate: the destruction of America and all it has historically represented, most significantly, liberty and justice for all, served via Rule of Law via a Republic. I truly believe we are in grave danger of permanently losing both our nation and our personal freedom which it has long protected here in the next few weeks. But I’ve already written about that today, and am hoping to move on to other topics, and, in so doing, lose at least part of the headache with which I awoke after spending a night deeply concerned about our future.

So this is the next topic: Should white people truly be punished for slavery? A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are two pics from Paul Joseph Watson via Twitter:


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