Pearls of Liberty June 19, 2011


Heather Gass & Dr. Noa joined Don and me this week for an especially interesting and relevant vid. Topics include a law to take effect July 15, banning over the counter sales of silver and gold, and dangerous EMF and microwave radiation from utility “smart” meters.

Outline for the week:

I. Potential law to ban sale of silver and gold

A. Influence pricing

B. Prevent alternative monetary systems (barter based on commodities)

II. Agenda 21 Heather

A. Smart Meters
B. Sheriff Richard Mack & 2nd (Second) Amendment Rights
C. Brady gun legislastion (Brady Bill)
D. Judge Roll killed in shooting

V. Operation Fast & Furious “Weaponsgate” (outline revision, order changed)

A. Pray for Ian Garland–what will they do with him? 1) Hasn’t testified yet 2) No bail / no speedy trial

VI. Gen Hamid Guhl fake victory story re: Bin Laden (outline order revised)


A. Suit against Obama for illegal war in Libya 1) Evasive techniques: what is really going on?

IV. Texas / Rick Perry / TSA

V. Al Jezeera reports on Fukushima

A. Far worse than reported

B. Nebraska nuc plant issue 1) Level 4 emergency June 14

C. Simi Valley plant in the 80s

Dr. Noa health freedom advocate & medical expert ADD causes & safe alternative treatments

VI. Pirl Culture

A. Easy A

B. Abbott & Costello & Frankenstein

C. Deception (Andy McDowell, Liam Neeson, Viggo Mortenson

D. Texas Rangers


One thought on “Pearls of Liberty June 19, 2011

  • IM just saying i have built a contraption that wil erace a meter , burn it out , stop it from transmitting , it wont recieve , pretty much makes it good at doing nothing but delivering the electric , i have tested the device , and will stop a meter dead in its tracks its been 3 months and they have had to replace the meter 4 times? just think , if everyone in your movement , or with your problem , there meter got a mind of its own and there meters just stoped functioning ????? but they still had electric !!!!

    it would cost a lot of money to replace all those meters

    Im just s simple hill billy with 20 years + Radio Frequency Engineering , i have done everything from cell towers to C.B. radios ,
    i dont really have an agenda , im just trying to pass something down , i have had things happen at my home that the electric company wont take responsibility for ,

    i see all these web pages that say STOP SMART METERS ! sometimes “stop” doesnt mean going the local court process
    an eye for an eye , you have to fight radio frequency with radio frequency, fire with fire ,

    i know you have some outlaws in the group i have read about people going to jail , protest ect…. then killing a few meters wont make them loose any sleep at night ,

    i can also tell you that climbing cell towers in the 90’s i had to have multiple brest lumps removed @ Ft lewis wa. due to my job , RF for any length of time made me feel ill, nauseated , disorientated drying of my eye sockets
    bad vision ect , and that was in the 900 mhz spectrum @ 50 watts or less

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