Deeply Disturbing Disconnect


Which life is more sacred; the chicken or the baby or the chicken egg with no baby chicken?

I was not a party to this conversation that was related to me, but this was a real conversation:

“I don’t eat eggs. I’m a Vegan.”

“That’s nice. Are you a Vegan for health reasons, or for philosophical reasons?”

“For philosophical reasons. I believe all life is sacred.”

“Wow. Cool. So you must be pro-life.”

“Oh. You mean anti-abortion. No, I’m pro-choice.”

“Wait. You don’t eat eggs because life is sacred.”

“Right. All life is sacred, even animal life.”

“You do know most eggs people eat aren’t fertilized, right? That means there’s no alive animal in an egg. There’s no baby chicken in an egg that isn’t fertilized.”

“Ummm. Yeah, ALL life is sacred.”

“So the blob of goo inside the shell of an unfertilized chicken egg is too sacred to interfere with, but it’s OK to kill a human LIVING baby.”

“Well, terminate; that’s the woman’s choice.”

“Isn’t all life sacred?”

“Well, yes, but abortion is the woman’s choice.”

“So your philosophy holds that non-existent chicken life is too sacred for you to choose to eat to sustain your life, but the life of a human baby is not sacred enough to be protected from the mother’s choice to make her life easier.”

“Um, yeah, life is sacred.”

What causes such disconnect? An inability or unwillingness to process conflicting ideas.


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