Do Daddy Issues Threaten the Effectiveness of the Man Who Wants to Insure the Future of the US Republic?


This morning I noticed an interesting video on Kauilapele’s blog. The video showed a woman being talked through the fears and depression she suffers that have been triggered by a Trump presidency. Some might find it helpful, so I am including it here:

But what is it that really troubles people about Donald Trump? I’ve spent much time in thought and in many conversations on that topic. Don suggested that a slave mentality of the kind that had to be broken as attested by the Books of Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, which is certainly relevant.

But I’m a person of the heart, generally, so I want to know what relational issue drives Trump haters to distraction–and beyond the reach of most rational discussions. Why do some consider Donald Trump authoritarian, when I–and millions like me–see him as a protector and one who brings restoration?

I let this word ‘authoritarian’ rattle around in my head a bit. What evokes the image of an authoritarian? An egomaniacal tyrant like Hitler, certainly. But, to a child who doesn’t want to be re-directed, a wonderful, caring father can seem authoritarian. Often the child who has made such judgments of the heart against a father does not realize the care and generosity of spirit that drove the protective father to assert his authority.

Did you know that something like 90% of protesters live with their parents? The implication is that it’s unlikely they have crossed the threshold of parenthood, which would help them empathize with the intentions of one endeavoring to care for the entire nation with the desire to protect, and perseverance of a good father: Donald Trump.

In fact, many of the protests certainly appear to be, in effect, a bunch of “kids” running around throwing a temper tantrum. I remember in particular one video of a protester banging her own backpack onto the street repeatedly, accomplishing…what?

Some families lose their deeply rebellious children. Some become addicts, some become prostitutes, some cause irreparable harm to the family / parents’ relationship. An odd little point of fact: in the Old Testament of the Bible, children who cursed their parents fell under a judgment of being stoned. No, not ‘stoned’ as in getting high; ‘stoned’ as in having rocks thrown at them until they die.

While that sounds extreme to us in our culture, it may have been a practical means of ridding their society of potential sociopaths. If a child couldn’t respond appropriately to loving parents, how might the child behave when let loose upon society in adulthood?

I’m certainly not suggesting that the protesters are sociopaths–though I do believe they are being funded by one in George Soros. But, as it is written, “…The compassion of wicked people is nothing but cruelty….” This applies, at least to some extent, to how out of touch protesters and other vocal Trump opposers are with the real needs of some they are claiming to defend. Do I really believe most protesters are ‘wicked’? Nope. But, in being misdirected, their compassion may manifest as cruelty–or at the very least significant, damaging ignorance, as this video highlights:

From where have these daddy issues come? Our culture has denigrated manhood / fatherhood so powerfully for several decades (I want to write probably since the 50s) that many men have never seen an example of a traditional protective, engaged father. Therefore, many children (now grown) can’t recognize a man who represents a father figure in the traditional sense (and even in the actual sense, when one considers that 67% of African American homes have no resident father, leaving many American children with virtually NO influence of a father AT ALL). Aggressive, dominant men are perceived as threats, not as protectors.

Those who have had and / or who ARE a protective, confident father who provided a safe environment in which to thrive herald Donald Trump as a potential Deliverer from evil, dangerous forces in the world.

For instance, those who grew up with a father who didn’t allow some kids to come over to play because they seemed dangerous or somehow threatening, have those memories of being protected from ‘aliens’–those outside the family. They don’t feel the father was being ‘xenophobic’; rather, the father was protecting them from bullies. Similarly, Donald Trump is protecting the nation from potentially harmful influences. The wise learned from Benjamin Frankline that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure–and we never even really found that magical pound of cure for 911. Done bun can’t be undone.

While that POV may seem overly simplistic, ask around among those who fear Trump and who love Trump. See how many of which had dependable, kind, protective fathers, and which had scoundrels for fathers, weaklings for fathers, or even no fathers at all.


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