Sympathy for the Devil? Feeling (a little) Sad for Hillary


Secret Service Whistleblower: Hillary Has Major Neurological Problems

“Really?” those who know me might ask, “Why?”

Yes, really. I can’t help but feel a little sad for her.

Why requires a much more complex answer. First of all, I’m human and we are meant to feel empathy for the suffering.

Also, I’m easing beyond middle age. I’m not Hillary’s age, but I am old enough to experience a little of the struggle to keep moving; keep thinking; keep growing (and I don’t mean around the hips which is easy — I mean as a living woman, striving to keep moving along the path set for me). Aging is not for sissies, even when one is healthy, which she seems not to be.

I believe Hillary is suffering. She has waited for these moments all of her life and now that they are here, she does not seem well enough to really enjoy them. Certainly she has caused suffering, so is it OK if she suffers? I don’t live that way. I believe in forgiveness and grace.

Whether one experiences grace and forgiveness depends upon what master one has chosen to serve. As Bob Dylan so truly sang, we all have to serve somebody; or Somebody as the case may be. Hillary has to serve somebody too.

The master she has seemed to have chosen (and you can leave me a comment if you wonder how I reached that conclusion) is not an easy one or a kind one. I have read that GOD requires things of us up front, and our reward comes later; but that the devil offers a reward up front (he never quite fully delivers on his promises but gives just enough to keep one wanting more), and we don’t find out until later what we have really agreed to. Agreeing to serve him is rather like accepting credit from an unreputable lender. One doesn’t fully know the terms upon entering into an agreement, or the terms change as time goes by.

There is no love or kindness lost in the realm of darkness. Dominance, anger, and punishment drive the wheels of relationship and of leadership there. CS Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters provides a glimpse into that realm.

This is the realm in which Hillary functions. There is no room or tolerance for failure. She has made deals; she has received payments; she must deliver the goods and services she has promised. What if she is ill? What if she is tired? What if she has second thoughts? No matter. To what ever she agreed will be required of her.

If what I am expressing is not clear, think of Darth Vader and the Emperor in Starwars. Think of the doctor’s billionaire friend in Eyes Wide Shut. Think of Al Pacino’s portrayal of the devil in The Devil’s Advocate. There is no room for failure in Hillary’s world.

So I feel a little sad for Hillary in that sort of spot.

Do I feel sad enough for her to help her achieve what she has committed in exchange for her promotions? No; NO!

Whatever evil is done to people is never enough to satisfy evil intent. Proverbs 30: 15-16 say the grave never says “enough”. There are never enough deaths to satisfy death. No matter what Hillary does; how far she goes in destroying the Constitution; how many people lose their jobs; how many people lose their lives; how big the wars are; how widespread the riots and diseases are: it will never be enough to satisfy evil. Even if publicly promoted, she will find herself spiritually only castigated and held in disdain as she serves an evil master.

And that is why she must not be President of the US. We desperately need redemption, restoration and renewal. We are too fragile to sustain more death and heartbreak; our economy is too fragile to sustain more loss; our Terran home is too fragile to sustain more damage from fracking and toxic agricultural and geoengineering practices.

So, truly, we must not permit her to become President of the US.

But, honestly, don’t you find her plight sad as well? May she find repentance, even now.


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