Truther TV? Distinguishing between Expose & Normalization of Evil

Disclosure / Expose or Normalization of Evil?
Disclosure / Expose or Normalization of Evil?


As I write, Judge Scalia has very recently died (read been killed if you will), and the story that immediately comes to mind is The Pelican Brief. I can’t help it; I think in terms of stories I have encountered. Many of them happen to be, at least ostensibly, fictional stories. But Stephen King wrote a book dedication to his children, stating that fiction is “…the truth inside a lie…” And in one of my fav Robert Redford movies, Three Days of the Condor, several black ops murders of intelligence agents were committed because a reader of fiction came across a story he thought might be plausible.

So what works of dramatic fiction are relevant now as aids to finding the truth inside a lie? In our home we have been on a quest to find them. We go mostly on intuition, but we have pretty good intuition, so, with Shondaland — where interestingly enough a Supreme Court Justice was murdered by the US President with a pillow — returning from winter break, we are sharing some of our findings.

I will begin with Shondaland, by writing that I am not going back there. No, Olivia, white hats for the most part are not abortion rights crusaders; rather they tend toward defending the rights of the unborn — along with those other vulnerable minorities.

Much as I want to like Analise, she is a stone cold sociopath. True, her innocence was ruined by circumstances beyond her control as a child, via an uncle who raped her, but it was ruined nonetheless, and has not been recovered.

Shondaland, IMHO, is NOT expose, but, rather, an attempt to normalize aberrant behavior. If / when we see the long-promised arrests of those who have hijacked our US Republic (along with the justice system), it would be convenient for the arrested evildoers if we saw them as sympathetic characters. Those who live in Shondaland are not. Neither is a President who kills a Supreme Court Justice with a pillow because she is about to make a death bed confession that she helped him steal an election: just sayin’.

Yes, I was drawn in at first by the romance, and the stated desire to do good, but the good that is meant to justify the murders and deceit simply isn’t done. The satanic ritual abortion on Christmas Eve both convinced me that Scandal is not meant as positive expose, and also reminded me of my old opinion that pregnant Lacey Peterson’s Christmas Eve murder was very likely a satanic ritual killing.

In competition in that hot Thursday night spot is one of our favs, The Blacklist. Is Red a bad guy who does bad things? Sure, but he acknowledges it. He values family, children, innocence and, well, the potential of the human spirit for beauty. This show feels like expose; and not only because the FBI is tracking down members of “The Cabal,” but because, though some characters make questionable moral choices, it’s fairly clear who the good guys are. AND, so far, Lizzie is keeping her baby.

One show whose season premiere we are awaiting is House of Cards. The first and second seasons were spectacular. We would look around the room at each other with mouths open, aghast at the degree of expose of DC shenanigans which we knew to echo events that we know to be quite true, and many others we believe to be true. In last year’s season the show had lost some steam. There were a few entertaining episodes, among them the dinner with the Putin character. I wondered whether maybe Kevin Spacey was ill in real life during the filming. Much of the acting and story were low energy. Were they afraid of mimicking the Clintons too closely? Had someone threatened producers to tone down the show? I am hoping this new season gives us more of the hard hitting stuff we had become accustomed to in the first two seasons.

I watched The X Files faithfully through the mid and late 1990s, and always loved the show, though, as a “nice” Christian mom, with a touch of guilt, especially as I allowed my aged 9 through 15 year children to watch with me. On the first pass back in the day I didn’t believe most of what was exposed on the show. Then we re-watched a few years ago, and realized how very many of the shows were based pretty much on (esoteric) reality. So far, we have been absolutely delighted by the new episodes. Our verdict on The X Files? EXPOSE!

Before moving on to some lesser known shows and shows that were cancelled a little too soon, I will comment on The Walking Dead. Is it an expose? Not strictly speaking, no. But I don’t believe it normalized evil, and I believe it does emphasize how essential love and hope are in holding on to our humanity, and some of the most beloved characters are people of deep faith. Also, I love the value the show attaches to the Scotch – Irish tradition through Beth’s songs (when she was still around), and the staying power of independent minded southern folk of all creeds and colors. As a famous song states, “…country folk can survive…”

We recently completed The Following on Netflix. This show is not for the very sensitive or easily offended. Well, truth be told, none of these shows are. They all have either gore, violence, and / or explicit sex scenes. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night — especially with The Following. We tried it and very nearly decided not to watch the series. But we went back, and were rewarded by the final series, which ended with the Kevin Bacon main character planning to go after an elite group of sociopathic people of the lie. Again, this show is NOT for everyone. But, though the FBI agents move into some gray areas of justice, those who are truly and determinedly evil are easily distinguishable from ordinary people who make bad decisions.

The Dollhouse is a great show in which to learn about Project Monarch style mind control, sex slavery and even political manipulation (the mind controlled Senator was one of our fav aspects of the story). Ultimately, the people in the Dollhouse realize the errors of their ways, and embraced freedom as the only way to a future worth living.

Helix and Ascension are both SyFy productions. Our verdict is that both are crafted as expose. Ascension is very fun to watch for a glimpse into the 1960s, and intimates that there has long been a secret space program. Helix is painful to watch due to extensive gore and many windows on the darkness of deep human misery and treachery. It wasn’t until the very last episode that we allowed that the show is expose rather than an effort to convince us the elite have good intentions toward us inferior cattle folk. The show exposes the plan of the elite to either kill us openly via intentionally spreading deadly viruses, or sterilize us via GMO foods.

We loved Fringe. Though some aspects of esoteric science are addressed in the show, the main plot contains only an allegorical truth rather than a specific truth. But understanding the allegorical evil plan can help us recognize real plans for human manipulation.

Jericho, Revolution and Firefly have all been retired — understandably. Jericho — one of my personal favs — lends understanding to how an evil faction of US gov could use false flag terror to strengthen their position, and shows how genuine friendships in a mid-western farm community can overcome such an evil plan. Revolution gives some similar clues to how things might play out in the US in a Mad Max type of scenario. Firefly is a LOT of fun to watch, emphasizes the value of personal freedom, and gives a view of Big Pharma gone horribly, horribly wrong.

I’ve saved one of the best for last: The Finder. This was a VERY short series. It’s a sort of private detective show that expresses great humor, beautiful relationships, and a lot of truth that, to many people, is pretty esoteric. The morals are clean, repentance from evil lifestyles is expressed, and sociopathic evil is exposed as such.

Feel free to comment, as I am aware that a lot of people likely won’t agree with me. Please don’t hate on me, simply leave your own opinions on the shows I’ve mentioned, and share any other shows in which you have found value for truth seekers.


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