99th Monkey News January 9, 2014

Put on your thinking cap!
Put on your thinking cap!

How did the #Nazis build their power base? Also in today’s 99th Monkey News: offensive against #cabal continues; states insist on their #10thAmendment rights, and a law banning #HAARP is submitted to an EU committee.

Ben Swann on RT: “Guns are not driving the violence in Chicago

Power Takeover: Are Smart Meters Part of the Larges Corporate Scam in History?

Anonymous #OpAmericanSpring2014

Eucach Org Director Submits Law Banning HAARP to EU Committee

Final Offensive against Cabal Continues, Resistance Fading, but Nasty Incidents Still Possible

4 Rescued, 1 Missing as US Navy Helicopter Crashes off Virginia Coast

Monsanto Seed Plant Construction Halted in Argentina

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

South Carolina Will Consider Legislation to Nullify Federal Ban on Hemp

California Legislators Introduce Bill That Would Block Support for NSA

Reduce Pneumonia in Three Hours

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