50¢ Tour / 99th Monkey News October 2, 2013

America waking up
America waking up

Is karma catching up to Google and JP Morgan? Also in today’s news, WWII veterans storm…not the beach at Normandy, but the memorial THEY PAID FOR & other odd tales of government betrayal.

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Nation’s Governors Welcome New Council of Governors Appointments

How to Cross the Border without Answering a Lot of Questions

New California Law Rejects NDAA Indefinite Detention

Google’s Wide Net of Data Fishing Could Land It Whopping Fines

JP Morgan Offers Feds $3Billion to End Mortgage Probes

Science Utterly Abandoned in UN Climate Change Report: 15 Years of Data Selectively Ignored

Government Closing Parks It Does Not Fund Or Operate

Obamacare Is Another Private Sector Rip-Off of Americans

Shutdown Overreach: More Guards at WWII Memorial Than Benghazi; Park Services Closes Park It Doesn’t Run

Natural Solutions for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Black Seed – The Remedy for Everything but Death

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