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The people of the earth on the brink: will we go toward liberty & justice or tyranny & oppression?
The people of the earth on the brink: will we go toward liberty & justice or tyranny & oppression?

The shifting sands of world politics is taking us somewhere; but where? We can have a say in that direction if we will stand and be counted.

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The Pope’s Letter

Comments on the Pope’s Letter (see Wednesday Jester chat)

Is the Media Covering up the Beginnings of a Race War?

Obama: No Allegations NSA Is Trying to Listen in on People’s Email

Search for NSA local law enforcement evidence planting

SOD Off! Law Enforcement Using NSA Spying to Go After Ordinary Crimes

The DWI Dude: How to protect yourself from aggressive unconstitutional law enforcement

How to Defeat Predatory Cops and Prosecutors

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