50¢ Tour of June 7, 2013

The monster in the center
The monster in the center

Don’t feed the trolls! In the wake of alternative news victories a proliferation of trolls appears to confuse the un-initiated. Also in today’s vid is an update on Infowars’ coverage of Bilderberger, and an update on spy state shock.

New Secret Files Reveal NSA Has Direct Access to Systems of Top US Internet Giants for Data Mining

Apple Receives Patent for Concealing a Fingerprint Scanner Behind the iPhone Display

Spy State Shock: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple All Secretly Sharing Private User Communications with NSA

“The High Priests of Globalization”: Bilderberg Conference Convenes

Pro Vaccine Trolls Use Emotional Warfare on Parents

Smart Meter Technology: Armed Spy Devices

Doctor You RF / EMF Smart Meter Dangers

Recognizing Disinfo: Smart Meter Defenders

Massive Police Drill in Los Angeles

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