Ian Garland was set up. He was clearly told by the ATF to go ahead and sell guns to men whose request seemed suspicious to him. He did so.

He is now in jail, a victim of the sting operation. He has been in jail since March, with NO BAIL, and NO SPEEDY TRIAL. His public defender brought him a deal this week: if he lies and says he knew where the weapons were going they will let him out of jail in September.

This plea bargain is NOT JUSTICE!!!

Not only has he not been given the speedy trial guaranteed him by the Constitution, he will not have the opportunity to tell his story!

Here is a letter I received from Ian. In it you can read his story in his words (you may need to click on it to read it in a larger size, or print it for best effect).

Ian's Letter Page 1

Ian's Letter Page 2

Ian's Letter Page 3

Ian's Letter Page 4

Ian's Letter Page 5

Ian's Letter Page 6

Everyone who ever has to deal with the government on any level must take this to heart and demand justice for Ian. The next victim could be YOU