I had a customer call me about buying 3 rifles, The same as most customers do, He comes to my business and just before he arrives, He calls me and tells me his friend is going to stay in the car when he gets there, I think, That’s great, why tell me this? You get all kinds of people, So I think nothing of it.

Leo arrives and comes inside and gives me his license face down, & I give him the (4473) to fill out, & before I can say anything, he says his friend is going to fill out the (4473) in the car, and rushes out the door? I look at the license and its not Leo and its expired 3 year, Texas license! Leo comes back in and I tell him I can’t sell to him, This is not your license and its expired! Leo then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large some of cash, and says how about $3,000 extra for the rifles with no paper work, I said no, I can’t sell to you, you will get into trouble and so will I, (3 Rifles $1800 Dollars plus $3000, Heck of a deal)

Leo asks me over and over , are you sure, I said, No again, Leo says OK and leaves.
I am standing there stunned, with what just happened, I did not know what I should do, call the police and report it or just let it go, So I called my business partner at Atlas Loan & Pawn, Richard Rios and tell him what just happened and what should I do, Richard tells me to call the police, so I call 911 and Otero County Sheriff’s office, About 10 minutes later, 4 Sheriff’s arrive, I thought nothing of 4 officers arriving, but I do now, 4? for a single call, Hmmm. and in 10 minutes, that’s pretty fast for Chaparral, response wise.

I explained to the officers what had happened and gave them Leo’s number that he was calling me from, One officer was a dispatcher(Ruban) The officers took the report and left, I thought that was the end of it, but 5 minutes later, guess who calls, Leo and says, sorry we can’t do business, I say OK, bye, (This should be on record if they were taping my phone calls).

That weekend I had a gun show in El Paso, (Selling there) and Saturday morning while selling at the gun show, guess who starts calling me, Leo, and tells me he is coming to the gun show to buy firearms.

I went straight to El Paso PD officers at the gun show and explained the situation, they said they can’t do anything as no crime had been committed, No help there!
Another gun dealer heard what was going on & called the ATF in El Paso, He knew some agents there and about 8 ATF agents turned up at the gun show & the lead agent speaks to me and I tell him what was going on, The whole story from the night before, He asks me will I point Leo out to him when he arrives, I tell him of course, The first time I see Leo, he is at another table trying to buy a gun with another person, who later I learned was his brother, I knew the gun dealer and tried to call him on his cell phone, but Joe did not pick up, Leo then came to my table & looked at some of my firearms and without making it obvious, I pointed him out to the lead ATF agent, Leo then left and I saw the agents follow him out the door to the parking lot.

The lead agent returned & wanted to speak to me in a private room, I followed him to that room & I ask him, did you get him!, He said no, we lost him, I thought that was weird, you had about 8 agents follow him into a small parking lot and you didn’t even get a license plate?

The agent asks, can we come to your house on Monday and continue the investigation, I said, yes.

On Monday, the agents come to my house with a picture, who I Identify as Leo, I said if that’s his real name, The agent said yes, its his real name, I told him the whole story again, from the Friday night and how Leo had called me 75 times in one day.
They tell me this guy Leo is bad news and will you help us get him, I said yes, I will help you.

The Agent gave me a number and told me what to say, to tell Leo that I know someone with rifles for sale with no paper work, So with much worry about reprisal, I play my part for Law Enforcement.

Without fail, Leo calls me again and I play my part and tell him that I know someone with rifles for sale, no paper work, Leo thanked me and I think that is the end of this at last.

[My phone calls were being taped, so this is all recorded.]

Wrong again!!!! About two weeks later, I am working at Atlas Loan & Pawn and who walks in, yes, (LEO) I could not believe this, I guess Leo did not know I worked there in the gun store, I was part owner of the gun store, Leo saw me, turned around and left, At that time, I was starting to have doubts about the ATF and what was gong on and I became very critical of the ATF.

About two weeks later, I had another two agents who I know as Josh & Greg from the ATF, El Paso Office come to my house & ask me questions about another customer that Richard and I were selling to, While they were checking my paper work, I asked them, what happened with Leo? They ignored me, like they didn’t hear me, so I asked again, what happened with Leo, the guy I helped you get, Finally one said, we got him, it lead to something bigger and we can’t say no more, The only thing I could think of was “LIAR“.

I asked them why was I being followed and who was I chasing down the road at 100 MPH,they said “We don’t know”.

As soon as Greg and Josh left, I called Richard and told him what was going on and he was amazed and had no answers either.

This incident was documented by the ATF of El Paso, all phone calls were recorded.
What does this incident prove? It proves that I was willing to work with the ATF, till they started lying to me, time and time again, but this incident was never bought up in court, I wonder why and because of this incident, this is why I didn’t make that so called phone call when they asked me to call them, time and time again the ATF lied to me, till I got sick of their lying to me.

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