Some time before the Leo incident, I had a customer come and buy 2 rifles, This customer had a temporary DMV printout which I made a copy, I am not required to make copies but I do as a safe guard, I was also told by the ATF that I didn’t have to make copies and during my 5 day audit I was told by the ATF that I over documented everything.

This customer had a matching check book & was filling out the ATF 4473 back ground check form, so I was OK with a check. The customer filled out he 4473 & I called in the back ground check to the FBI back ground check center& it came back, Proceed, I completed the sale.

2 weeks later the check comes back (ISF) I go to the address on the 4473 his ID and there is no such number in that street, I call the number and its disconnected. I went to El Paso police dept and they would not help me. I called the ATF to report the theft and they were not interested.

I called Otero Sheriff’s Office & they put the firearms on the stolen firearms data base.
About two weeks later I went to a Texas DMV office in El Paso and asked to speak to a trooper, The counter person went into the back & came out with a Texas state trooper and guess what, this trooper was one of my customers, Trooper Diego. Trooper Diego & myself went into the back office & I gave him all the information I had & a copy of the Temporary license that I had made a photo copy of. Trooper Diego went & ran the information & came back with a photo & information, he showed me a picture of the person associated with the license information and my bottom jaw instantly hit the floor, I am not kidding, Alarm bells went of right away. I was not shock that it was not the same guy who had bought from me but the photo was of a white guy in Garland, Texas, The guy who bought from me was Black. One of the question I have to call in to the FBI on the 4473 is race.

So how did a black guy using a white guys license information and details pass the NICS? When they asked me race & I said black, how did that not red flag? Right away I am thinking something is wrong here.

Trooper Diego said he is going to get this person either from the hand writing sample on the 4473 or photo on the DMV print out.

About two weeks later, Two ATF Agents from the El Paso turn up unannounced at my house & start asking questions, I thought, Oh now your interested after I have been trying to get help for months & pursuing this on my own. They ask me questions I had already told Trooper Diego and it was obvious that they had spoken to him, the questions were going nowhere just round and round and then they ask me a question or more of a statement, “Trooper Diego said you called the back ground check in and said White so the guy would pass” I could not believe what I was hearing, here I am trying for months to get help & these two clowns ask me that? I near fell over backwards. I said “Rubbish, I know I have an accent but there is no way I called the back ground check in as white so the black guy would pass and further more, the calls to the FBI back ground check center are recorded, why don’t you go play the tapes?” The agents said nothing & left, that really put a lot of mistrust in my about the ATF at that point, I ask for help & they start accusing me, Here I am going all out to find this person on my own & this is the kind of help I am getting? & they come up with a stupid question like that.

About two months later I get a call from a person I worked in Law Enforcement with for 11 years in California, I have known this person for over 20 years now, He asks me, ” Hey did you lose two rifles, fake ID, Black guy?” I said yes, how do you know, I did not tell anyone except law enforcement about this, I was to embarrassed.

Tim tells me, there is a guy at my neighbors house right now and the way they are talking about this, it has to be you, I said yes and told him the story, Chaparral is a little desert town with no fences between properties. I was in El Paso at that time and could not get over to Tim’s place.

Tim said well the guy is leaving now but is coming back later & I’ll see what I can find out. About 2 weeks later, I get an e-mail from Tim, it was a color photo of the guy, a picture of the car & license plate he was driving and his real name.

My wife just bought me some of my papers & things recently & guess what I find, the information I had on the guy who ripped me off.

Kelp Brown, Driving a Chevy pick-up Lic TX, 53J-RK7

The ATF agent I spoke to was Curtis Williams, ATF El Paso (915) 534-6449
As I mentioned earlier, I document everything.

I called the ATF agent about this and they said thanks they will take care of this.
A week later I get a call from Tim and he asks me, did you call the ATF? I said yes and he said, well they have not called me, I gave them Tim’s number as witness, I thought that was strange, why have they not called?

I called the ATF & left messages with no return call?

I called Trooper Diego, I have his personal cell phone & left 3 messages before I gave up.
A short time later I get a call at 23:30 one night, it was trooper Diego, he said, I can’t say much but I have been told to drop the case & hung up, I am sitting there stunned, what the heck is going on?

Next day I told Tim what had happened & he said OK, let me see what I can find out.
About a week later, Tim calls me back & tells me that his neighbor is a
confidential informant for the US Marshal service, I was more than stunned, by shear luck I find the guy who ripped me of and no one does anything and now this?

As god is my witness this is the truth, if you don’t want to believe it, its up to you.

This is why I am asking for a full investigation and will not give up till I get one and clear my name of any wrong doing in this nightmare.

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