Hello Everyone, Thanks again for all the support I have received in the last year, I really appreciate it.

I was going to see my mother this February, but last month, she up and died, I didn’t even make it back in time, so suddenly, what a Shame, Of course I would have gone back much sooner if it wasn’t for what happened in the last few years.

Another victim of the ATF, Thanks a lot you hero’s, I will never see my mother again.

I am still living in a FEMA trailer, But as I said, its far better than being homeless, living in a shelter or at Dismas Charity halfway house, Which by the way is being investigated.

I have been trying to go after this Public Defender who did nothing but lie to me and missed vital items, which were not brought out in this case. I contacted the New Mexico lawyers Disciplinary board about this public defender and they actually said that lawyers make mistakes and its just too bad, I have this in writing, This PD made serious errors which was bought out by Lawyer Todd A Coberly ESQ, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, which released me straight away, How did an experience 20 year trial lawyer miss those items? Not that I should have been there in the first place, but I would have been out far earlier than Dec 13th 2013 and I would have save my beautiful house in Chaparral, NM.

The New Mexico disciplinary board just blew it off till I wrote them again and now they are taking a closer look at what this public defender missed, The sad thing about this is that the Mayor, Police Chief, Police Officer, Trustee, who I made legal and lawful sales to, for 18 months, all benefited from the Attorney that helped me get out.
Another item is that the prosecutor has on record, the Police Chief, Mayor, Trustee, Police officer, all saying on Record, “Why is Ian Here? He had nothing to do with us smuggling arms to Mexico, we only bought from him, as we did with many other gun shops” Why was this not bought out?

Seems another Gun Dealer from Deming,NM was just released, (Rick Reese) he proved that they lied against him, but they did succeed in destroying his life also, but now the judge has seemed to wake up to what the ATF was doing.

So why did they do this to me?


How do you explain that I made legal and lawful sales to Government officials from Columbus, New Mexico for 18 months and the ATF and other Government agencies did nothing to stop them?

Does it make them look a littler further stupid ? They have killed thousands of Mexicans, A US Border patrol agent, now they let a gun dealer make legal and lawful sales for 18 moths to people they knew were smuggling arms to Mexico from day one.

And the Person who the ATF let buy the rifle that killed US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was buying Guns for the Mayor, Police Chief, Trustee,Police officer of the city of Columbus, New Mexico.

I have all the documents, but the Government refuses to acknowledge it now or over turn this phooey conviction,and its there own documents!! because after all, what do you give someone they tortured, physically and mentally, destroyed his life, his beloved animals all dead, made to clean up human waste with his bare hands day after day, $100 and call it even?

Read the Leo Incident and Who stole two rifles, I did an undercover documented sting with the ATF and all they did was lie to me over and over till I got sick of helping them.

These two incidents alone should over turn what they did to me, but they hide and deny as always and as I said, these two incidents were documented.

Just remember, when I, a US Citizen wanted a trial, they denied me a trial, Why?

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