I wanted to let everyone know the latest updates from ATF Scapegoat Australian Born U.S. Citizen, Ian M. Garland.
I have been down in the oil fields working in the Midland and surrounding areas, I am living in FEMA trailer, its small but far better than the disgusting halfway houses known as Dismas Charities, What is going on in there should and needs to be investigates, Drugs, Sexual abuse, They steal people items and money and nothing is done about it? They denied me in writing to see an Attorney then questioned me why do I want to see an attorney, we all know that its none of there business. But they refuse to give me a copy of the written denial, I wonder why?

The last article on me in the El Paso Times, by Diana Washington, (4/15/2014) was excellent, I was finally able to obtain court documents proving the connection between Arizona Fast and Furious and the Government Officials from Columbus, NM, This is what I have been saying from day one, but no one would believe me, read Diana’s article, its excellent, Still I am trying to overturn this and get my life back, The public Defender made several errors in not checking the PSR and resulting in the loss of my house, Probation and the Prosecutor lied and were caught, but yet, no apology or sorry about that? Still waiting here for that to come.
Then the government admitted they used the wrong guide line book? so called error, If you believe that then you believe the moon is made out of cheese.

Just like in another recent case, The Prosecutor withheld evidence that would clear me, why?
The Columbus officials all admitted on record that I had no conspiracy with them, so why did they do that to me? I had a public defender that did nothing, that was proven in a section 2255.
Yet in the other case against another gun dealer, he was allowed to get a private attorney and proved that the prosecutor withheld evidence, but not me.
Its plain and simple, I am a big embarrassment to the ATF, I was making legal and lawful good faith sales for 18 months to Government officials they knew from day one were smuggling arms to Mexico and did nothing?

If you read the book the government tried to ban by ATF agent, Whistle blower John Doddson, he even states, they knew about the El Paso and Columbus officials and did nothing, its amazing, they knew about these people even before I had my Gun License, its amazing.
I don’t know how long before someone wakes up and starts an investigation, but I wont give up.

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