Hi, This is Ian, I’d like to thank everyone for helping me, God Bless you all, thank you all so much for your support.

I have registered my beloved Bronco and Insured it ready to go, but they wont move me from El Paso to Midland, TX, they wont even let me go and get it, go figure, how do I get a job without a car? I try and take the bus but that is taking most of the time, I spent 1hr & 45 min the other day trying to get somewhere. They are spiteful vindictive people here, they wont let me go get my car but they had no problem putting me out on the street homeless for 5 days last month with no money, ID, Car, Clothes,money etc., Thank god for my Wife Lori, that’s all I can say even though 300 miles away she helped me a lot.

What is going on right now is, they wont give me a copy of the PSR, better know as Pre Sentence report, why? Because they lied in that document, the writer lied about me selling machine guns and an ATF agent came forward and made an affidavit in support of me and said who ever wrote the PSR has no idea what they are talking about. 2nd The prosecutor lied and said it was a mistake that he used the wrong guide line book, why do they lie? and now for the icing on the cake, I was able to read the PSR about a year ago, it states that the Government Officials from the city of Columbus New Mexico who I made legal and Lawful good faith sales for over a 18 months, had direct ties with a Jamie Avilla, Jamie Avilla is the one the ATF let buy the rifle that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona Dec 2010, so the ATF knew about the Columbus Officials way back and did nothing but promote the sale of firearms to these government officials from Columbus then when there stupid operation killed a Border patrol agent, they blame me for making legal and lawful good faith sales to cover up there mistake, they are priceless I tell you.
I need help, is there anyone who can help me get a copy of the PSR, I have tried the court, probation, my past lawyer and no one will help me, I need to get a Lawyer to help me get this document as the media want a copy of it to prove the connection between the Columbus Officials and Arizona and so I can try and get this over turned and get my life back and go after these people for doing this to me and my family, I wont give up, please e mail me if any one can help me.

Also what I have been trying o do is get my Lap Top back, my GPS which was a present from my wife, my camera, and DC’s some of our wedding back on July 4th 2007, they gave me no receipt and still wont tell me when I can get my property back, can you believe this, its just unbelievable.


Thank you all
God Bless you and God Bless America.
Ian Michael Garland
US Citizen and damn proud of it.

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