Thousands of people were cavalierly placed in danger

by those in the Obama Administration

When will we see justice?

Many suffered, like Ian, and many died. Nobody has been held accountable so far

Ian survived

by God's grace and his own strength and determination

Now he wants to tell his story

Ian wants to be vindicated; he wants to be declared innocent – as he is and was – and he wants others to know how the American justice system failed him and many others

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Go Fund Ian!

I recently received an email from Ian. He is well, but still locked in a struggle to prove his integrity. Here is a part of what he wrote: “I am trying and trying to get Read more


Ian Needs Help!

Ian is now at a different facility. He was told he could not have his cell phone. This means he can receive NO incoming calls. His mother in Australia is 82 years old and ill, Read more