16 Nov

Latest Update on the ATF’s Scapegoat, Ian M. Garland

Hello Everyone, Thanks again for all the support I have received in the last year, I really appreciate it.

I was going to see my mother this February, but last month, she up and died, I didn’t even make it back in time, so suddenly, what a Shame, Of course I would have gone back much sooner if it wasn’t for what happened in the last few years.

Another victim of the ATF, Thanks a lot you hero’s, I will never see my mother again.

I am still living in a FEMA trailer, But as I said, its far better than being homeless, living in a shelter or at Dismas Charity halfway house, Which by the way is being investigated.

I have been trying to go after this Public Defender who did nothing but lie to me and missed vital items, which were not brought out in this case. I contacted the New Mexico lawyers Disciplinary board about this public defender and they actually said that lawyers make mistakes and its just too bad, I have this in writing, This PD made serious errors which was bought out by Lawyer Todd A Coberly ESQ, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, which released me straight away, How did an experience 20 year trial lawyer miss those items? Not that I should have been there in the first place, but I would have been out far earlier than Dec 13th 2013 and I would have save my beautiful house in Chaparral, NM.

The New Mexico disciplinary board just blew it off till I wrote them again and now they are taking a closer look at what this public defender missed, The sad thing about this is that the Mayor, Police Chief, Police Officer, Trustee, who I made legal and lawful sales to, for 18 months, all benefited from the Attorney that helped me get out.
Another item is that the prosecutor has on record, the Police Chief, Mayor, Trustee, Police officer, all saying on Record, “Why is Ian Here? He had nothing to do with us smuggling arms to Mexico, we only bought from him, as we did with many other gun shops” Why was this not bought out?

Seems another Gun Dealer from Deming,NM was just released, (Rick Reese) he proved that they lied against him, but they did succeed in destroying his life also, but now the judge has seemed to wake up to what the ATF was doing.

So why did they do this to me?


How do you explain that I made legal and lawful sales to Government officials from Columbus, New Mexico for 18 months and the ATF and other Government agencies did nothing to stop them?

Does it make them look a littler further stupid ? They have killed thousands of Mexicans, A US Border patrol agent, now they let a gun dealer make legal and lawful sales for 18 moths to people they knew were smuggling arms to Mexico from day one.

And the Person who the ATF let buy the rifle that killed US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was buying Guns for the Mayor, Police Chief, Trustee,Police officer of the city of Columbus, New Mexico.

I have all the documents, but the Government refuses to acknowledge it now or over turn this phooey conviction,and its there own documents!! because after all, what do you give someone they tortured, physically and mentally, destroyed his life, his beloved animals all dead, made to clean up human waste with his bare hands day after day, $100 and call it even?

Read the Leo Incident and Who stole two rifles, I did an undercover documented sting with the ATF and all they did was lie to me over and over till I got sick of helping them.

These two incidents alone should over turn what they did to me, but they hide and deny as always and as I said, these two incidents were documented.

Just remember, when I, a US Citizen wanted a trial, they denied me a trial, Why?

16 Nov

The Leo Incident by Ian M. Garland

I had a customer call me about buying 3 rifles, The same as most customers do, He comes to my business and just before he arrives, He calls me and tells me his friend is going to stay in the car when he gets there, I think, That’s great, why tell me this? You get all kinds of people, So I think nothing of it.

Leo arrives and comes inside and gives me his license face down, & I give him the (4473) to fill out, & before I can say anything, he says his friend is going to fill out the (4473) in the car, and rushes out the door? I look at the license and its not Leo and its expired 3 year, Texas license! Leo comes back in and I tell him I can’t sell to him, This is not your license and its expired! Leo then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large some of cash, and says how about $3,000 extra for the rifles with no paper work, I said no, I can’t sell to you, you will get into trouble and so will I, (3 Rifles $1800 Dollars plus $3000, Heck of a deal)

Leo asks me over and over , are you sure, I said, No again, Leo says OK and leaves.
I am standing there stunned, with what just happened, I did not know what I should do, call the police and report it or just let it go, So I called my business partner at Atlas Loan & Pawn, Richard Rios and tell him what just happened and what should I do, Richard tells me to call the police, so I call 911 and Otero County Sheriff’s office, About 10 minutes later, 4 Sheriff’s arrive, I thought nothing of 4 officers arriving, but I do now, 4? for a single call, Hmmm. and in 10 minutes, that’s pretty fast for Chaparral, response wise.

I explained to the officers what had happened and gave them Leo’s number that he was calling me from, One officer was a dispatcher(Ruban) The officers took the report and left, I thought that was the end of it, but 5 minutes later, guess who calls, Leo and says, sorry we can’t do business, I say OK, bye, (This should be on record if they were taping my phone calls).

That weekend I had a gun show in El Paso, (Selling there) and Saturday morning while selling at the gun show, guess who starts calling me, Leo, and tells me he is coming to the gun show to buy firearms.

I went straight to El Paso PD officers at the gun show and explained the situation, they said they can’t do anything as no crime had been committed, No help there!
Another gun dealer heard what was going on & called the ATF in El Paso, He knew some agents there and about 8 ATF agents turned up at the gun show & the lead agent speaks to me and I tell him what was going on, The whole story from the night before, He asks me will I point Leo out to him when he arrives, I tell him of course, The first time I see Leo, he is at another table trying to buy a gun with another person, who later I learned was his brother, I knew the gun dealer and tried to call him on his cell phone, but Joe did not pick up, Leo then came to my table & looked at some of my firearms and without making it obvious, I pointed him out to the lead ATF agent, Leo then left and I saw the agents follow him out the door to the parking lot.

The lead agent returned & wanted to speak to me in a private room, I followed him to that room & I ask him, did you get him!, He said no, we lost him, I thought that was weird, you had about 8 agents follow him into a small parking lot and you didn’t even get a license plate?

The agent asks, can we come to your house on Monday and continue the investigation, I said, yes.

On Monday, the agents come to my house with a picture, who I Identify as Leo, I said if that’s his real name, The agent said yes, its his real name, I told him the whole story again, from the Friday night and how Leo had called me 75 times in one day.
They tell me this guy Leo is bad news and will you help us get him, I said yes, I will help you.

The Agent gave me a number and told me what to say, to tell Leo that I know someone with rifles for sale with no paper work, So with much worry about reprisal, I play my part for Law Enforcement.

Without fail, Leo calls me again and I play my part and tell him that I know someone with rifles for sale, no paper work, Leo thanked me and I think that is the end of this at last.

[My phone calls were being taped, so this is all recorded.]

Wrong again!!!! About two weeks later, I am working at Atlas Loan & Pawn and who walks in, yes, (LEO) I could not believe this, I guess Leo did not know I worked there in the gun store, I was part owner of the gun store, Leo saw me, turned around and left, At that time, I was starting to have doubts about the ATF and what was gong on and I became very critical of the ATF.

About two weeks later, I had another two agents who I know as Josh & Greg from the ATF, El Paso Office come to my house & ask me questions about another customer that Richard and I were selling to, While they were checking my paper work, I asked them, what happened with Leo? They ignored me, like they didn’t hear me, so I asked again, what happened with Leo, the guy I helped you get, Finally one said, we got him, it lead to something bigger and we can’t say no more, The only thing I could think of was “LIAR“.

I asked them why was I being followed and who was I chasing down the road at 100 MPH,they said “We don’t know”.

As soon as Greg and Josh left, I called Richard and told him what was going on and he was amazed and had no answers either.

This incident was documented by the ATF of El Paso, all phone calls were recorded.
What does this incident prove? It proves that I was willing to work with the ATF, till they started lying to me, time and time again, but this incident was never bought up in court, I wonder why and because of this incident, this is why I didn’t make that so called phone call when they asked me to call them, time and time again the ATF lied to me, till I got sick of their lying to me.

16 Nov

Who Stole My Two Rifles? By Ian M. Garland

Some time before the Leo incident, I had a customer come and buy 2 rifles, This customer had a temporary DMV printout which I made a copy, I am not required to make copies but I do as a safe guard, I was also told by the ATF that I didn’t have to make copies and during my 5 day audit I was told by the ATF that I over documented everything.

This customer had a matching check book & was filling out the ATF 4473 back ground check form, so I was OK with a check. The customer filled out he 4473 & I called in the back ground check to the FBI back ground check center& it came back, Proceed, I completed the sale.

2 weeks later the check comes back (ISF) I go to the address on the 4473 his ID and there is no such number in that street, I call the number and its disconnected. I went to El Paso police dept and they would not help me. I called the ATF to report the theft and they were not interested.

I called Otero Sheriff’s Office & they put the firearms on the stolen firearms data base.
About two weeks later I went to a Texas DMV office in El Paso and asked to speak to a trooper, The counter person went into the back & came out with a Texas state trooper and guess what, this trooper was one of my customers, Trooper Diego. Trooper Diego & myself went into the back office & I gave him all the information I had & a copy of the Temporary license that I had made a photo copy of. Trooper Diego went & ran the information & came back with a photo & information, he showed me a picture of the person associated with the license information and my bottom jaw instantly hit the floor, I am not kidding, Alarm bells went of right away. I was not shock that it was not the same guy who had bought from me but the photo was of a white guy in Garland, Texas, The guy who bought from me was Black. One of the question I have to call in to the FBI on the 4473 is race.

So how did a black guy using a white guys license information and details pass the NICS? When they asked me race & I said black, how did that not red flag? Right away I am thinking something is wrong here.

Trooper Diego said he is going to get this person either from the hand writing sample on the 4473 or photo on the DMV print out.

About two weeks later, Two ATF Agents from the El Paso turn up unannounced at my house & start asking questions, I thought, Oh now your interested after I have been trying to get help for months & pursuing this on my own. They ask me questions I had already told Trooper Diego and it was obvious that they had spoken to him, the questions were going nowhere just round and round and then they ask me a question or more of a statement, “Trooper Diego said you called the back ground check in and said White so the guy would pass” I could not believe what I was hearing, here I am trying for months to get help & these two clowns ask me that? I near fell over backwards. I said “Rubbish, I know I have an accent but there is no way I called the back ground check in as white so the black guy would pass and further more, the calls to the FBI back ground check center are recorded, why don’t you go play the tapes?” The agents said nothing & left, that really put a lot of mistrust in my about the ATF at that point, I ask for help & they start accusing me, Here I am going all out to find this person on my own & this is the kind of help I am getting? & they come up with a stupid question like that.

About two months later I get a call from a person I worked in Law Enforcement with for 11 years in California, I have known this person for over 20 years now, He asks me, ” Hey did you lose two rifles, fake ID, Black guy?” I said yes, how do you know, I did not tell anyone except law enforcement about this, I was to embarrassed.

Tim tells me, there is a guy at my neighbors house right now and the way they are talking about this, it has to be you, I said yes and told him the story, Chaparral is a little desert town with no fences between properties. I was in El Paso at that time and could not get over to Tim’s place.

Tim said well the guy is leaving now but is coming back later & I’ll see what I can find out. About 2 weeks later, I get an e-mail from Tim, it was a color photo of the guy, a picture of the car & license plate he was driving and his real name.

My wife just bought me some of my papers & things recently & guess what I find, the information I had on the guy who ripped me off.

Kelp Brown, Driving a Chevy pick-up Lic TX, 53J-RK7

The ATF agent I spoke to was Curtis Williams, ATF El Paso (915) 534-6449
As I mentioned earlier, I document everything.

I called the ATF agent about this and they said thanks they will take care of this.
A week later I get a call from Tim and he asks me, did you call the ATF? I said yes and he said, well they have not called me, I gave them Tim’s number as witness, I thought that was strange, why have they not called?

I called the ATF & left messages with no return call?

I called Trooper Diego, I have his personal cell phone & left 3 messages before I gave up.
A short time later I get a call at 23:30 one night, it was trooper Diego, he said, I can’t say much but I have been told to drop the case & hung up, I am sitting there stunned, what the heck is going on?

Next day I told Tim what had happened & he said OK, let me see what I can find out.
About a week later, Tim calls me back & tells me that his neighbor is a
confidential informant for the US Marshal service, I was more than stunned, by shear luck I find the guy who ripped me of and no one does anything and now this?

As god is my witness this is the truth, if you don’t want to believe it, its up to you.

This is why I am asking for a full investigation and will not give up till I get one and clear my name of any wrong doing in this nightmare.

12 Jun

Update from Ian Garland June 11, 2014

I wanted to let everyone know the latest updates from ATF Scapegoat Australian Born U.S. Citizen, Ian M. Garland.
I have been down in the oil fields working in the Midland and surrounding areas, I am living in FEMA trailer, its small but far better than the disgusting halfway houses known as Dismas Charities, What is going on in there should and needs to be investigates, Drugs, Sexual abuse, They steal people items and money and nothing is done about it? They denied me in writing to see an Attorney then questioned me why do I want to see an attorney, we all know that its none of there business. But they refuse to give me a copy of the written denial, I wonder why?

The last article on me in the El Paso Times, by Diana Washington, (4/15/2014) was excellent, I was finally able to obtain court documents proving the connection between Arizona Fast and Furious and the Government Officials from Columbus, NM, This is what I have been saying from day one, but no one would believe me, read Diana’s article, its excellent, Still I am trying to overturn this and get my life back, The public Defender made several errors in not checking the PSR and resulting in the loss of my house, Probation and the Prosecutor lied and were caught, but yet, no apology or sorry about that? Still waiting here for that to come.
Then the government admitted they used the wrong guide line book? so called error, If you believe that then you believe the moon is made out of cheese.

Just like in another recent case, The Prosecutor withheld evidence that would clear me, why?
The Columbus officials all admitted on record that I had no conspiracy with them, so why did they do that to me? I had a public defender that did nothing, that was proven in a section 2255.
Yet in the other case against another gun dealer, he was allowed to get a private attorney and proved that the prosecutor withheld evidence, but not me.
Its plain and simple, I am a big embarrassment to the ATF, I was making legal and lawful good faith sales for 18 months to Government officials they knew from day one were smuggling arms to Mexico and did nothing?

If you read the book the government tried to ban by ATF agent, Whistle blower John Doddson, he even states, they knew about the El Paso and Columbus officials and did nothing, its amazing, they knew about these people even before I had my Gun License, its amazing.
I don’t know how long before someone wakes up and starts an investigation, but I wont give up.

2 Feb

Ian Needs Help!

Ian is now at a different facility. He was told he could not have his cell phone.

This means he can receive NO incoming calls.

His mother in Australia is 82 years old and ill, and THERE IS NO WAY FOR HIS FAMILY TO REACH HIM.

These circumstances are unjustifiable and unacceptable.

Ian can use a payphone to make outgoing calls, but does not currently have financial means to purchase a calling card that will allow him to call Australia. If you can offer financial aid to Ian that would be helpful, but he also requested that people call the halfway house where he is staying.

He would like for as many people as possible to call 432-686-9188 and ask them why he is not permitted to receive incoming phone calls, particularly in light of his mother being distant, ill and frail.

15 Jan

Update from Ian January 15, 2014

Hi, This is Ian, I’d like to thank everyone for helping me, God Bless you all, thank you all so much for your support.

I have registered my beloved Bronco and Insured it ready to go, but they wont move me from El Paso to Midland, TX, they wont even let me go and get it, go figure, how do I get a job without a car? I try and take the bus but that is taking most of the time, I spent 1hr & 45 min the other day trying to get somewhere. They are spiteful vindictive people here, they wont let me go get my car but they had no problem putting me out on the street homeless for 5 days last month with no money, ID, Car, Clothes,money etc., Thank god for my Wife Lori, that’s all I can say even though 300 miles away she helped me a lot.

What is going on right now is, they wont give me a copy of the PSR, better know as Pre Sentence report, why? Because they lied in that document, the writer lied about me selling machine guns and an ATF agent came forward and made an affidavit in support of me and said who ever wrote the PSR has no idea what they are talking about. 2nd The prosecutor lied and said it was a mistake that he used the wrong guide line book, why do they lie? and now for the icing on the cake, I was able to read the PSR about a year ago, it states that the Government Officials from the city of Columbus New Mexico who I made legal and Lawful good faith sales for over a 18 months, had direct ties with a Jamie Avilla, Jamie Avilla is the one the ATF let buy the rifle that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona Dec 2010, so the ATF knew about the Columbus Officials way back and did nothing but promote the sale of firearms to these government officials from Columbus then when there stupid operation killed a Border patrol agent, they blame me for making legal and lawful good faith sales to cover up there mistake, they are priceless I tell you.
I need help, is there anyone who can help me get a copy of the PSR, I have tried the court, probation, my past lawyer and no one will help me, I need to get a Lawyer to help me get this document as the media want a copy of it to prove the connection between the Columbus Officials and Arizona and so I can try and get this over turned and get my life back and go after these people for doing this to me and my family, I wont give up, please e mail me if any one can help me.

Also what I have been trying o do is get my Lap Top back, my GPS which was a present from my wife, my camera, and DC’s some of our wedding back on July 4th 2007, they gave me no receipt and still wont tell me when I can get my property back, can you believe this, its just unbelievable.


Thank you all
God Bless you and God Bless America.
Ian Michael Garland
US Citizen and damn proud of it.

7 Jan

Ian Going to Speak with Mexican Consul General Today

Please pray for Ian as he prepares to talk with the Consul General of Mexico about how Mexican citizens were endangered by irresponsible Fast & Furious schemes.

May justice fully be done, and those truly responsible be required to give an accounting of the lives lost and destroyed!

5 Jan

Diana Washington Valdez of the El Paso Times Article on Ian

El Paso Times Headline:

Former gun shop owner fights gun-smuggling charges after release from prison
Supreme Court’s decision for Garland could influence other gun “straw purchase” cases


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