12 Jun

Update from Ian Garland June 11, 2014

I wanted to let everyone know the latest updates from ATF Scapegoat Australian Born U.S. Citizen, Ian M. Garland.
I have been down in the oil fields working in the Midland and surrounding areas, I am living in FEMA trailer, its small but far better than the disgusting halfway houses known as Dismas Charities, What is going on in there should and needs to be investigates, Drugs, Sexual abuse, They steal people items and money and nothing is done about it? They denied me in writing to see an Attorney then questioned me why do I want to see an attorney, we all know that its none of there business. But they refuse to give me a copy of the written denial, I wonder why?

The last article on me in the El Paso Times, by Diana Washington, (4/15/2014) was excellent, I was finally able to obtain court documents proving the connection between Arizona Fast and Furious and the Government Officials from Columbus, NM, This is what I have been saying from day one, but no one would believe me, read Diana’s article, its excellent, Still I am trying to overturn this and get my life back, The public Defender made several errors in not checking the PSR and resulting in the loss of my house, Probation and the Prosecutor lied and were caught, but yet, no apology or sorry about that? Still waiting here for that to come.
Then the government admitted they used the wrong guide line book? so called error, If you believe that then you believe the moon is made out of cheese.

Just like in another recent case, The Prosecutor withheld evidence that would clear me, why?
The Columbus officials all admitted on record that I had no conspiracy with them, so why did they do that to me? I had a public defender that did nothing, that was proven in a section 2255.
Yet in the other case against another gun dealer, he was allowed to get a private attorney and proved that the prosecutor withheld evidence, but not me.
Its plain and simple, I am a big embarrassment to the ATF, I was making legal and lawful good faith sales for 18 months to Government officials they knew from day one were smuggling arms to Mexico and did nothing?

If you read the book the government tried to ban by ATF agent, Whistle blower John Doddson, he even states, they knew about the El Paso and Columbus officials and did nothing, its amazing, they knew about these people even before I had my Gun License, its amazing.
I don’t know how long before someone wakes up and starts an investigation, but I wont give up.

2 Feb

Ian Needs Help!

Ian is now at a different facility. He was told he could not have his cell phone.

This means he can receive NO incoming calls.

His mother in Australia is 82 years old and ill, and THERE IS NO WAY FOR HIS FAMILY TO REACH HIM.

These circumstances are unjustifiable and unacceptable.

Ian can use a payphone to make outgoing calls, but does not currently have financial means to purchase a calling card that will allow him to call Australia. If you can offer financial aid to Ian that would be helpful, but he also requested that people call the halfway house where he is staying.

He would like for as many people as possible to call 432-686-9188 and ask them why he is not permitted to receive incoming phone calls, particularly in light of his mother being distant, ill and frail.

15 Jan

Update from Ian January 15, 2014

Hi, This is Ian, I’d like to thank everyone for helping me, God Bless you all, thank you all so much for your support.

I have registered my beloved Bronco and Insured it ready to go, but they wont move me from El Paso to Midland, TX, they wont even let me go and get it, go figure, how do I get a job without a car? I try and take the bus but that is taking most of the time, I spent 1hr & 45 min the other day trying to get somewhere. They are spiteful vindictive people here, they wont let me go get my car but they had no problem putting me out on the street homeless for 5 days last month with no money, ID, Car, Clothes,money etc., Thank god for my Wife Lori, that’s all I can say even though 300 miles away she helped me a lot.

What is going on right now is, they wont give me a copy of the PSR, better know as Pre Sentence report, why? Because they lied in that document, the writer lied about me selling machine guns and an ATF agent came forward and made an affidavit in support of me and said who ever wrote the PSR has no idea what they are talking about. 2nd The prosecutor lied and said it was a mistake that he used the wrong guide line book, why do they lie? and now for the icing on the cake, I was able to read the PSR about a year ago, it states that the Government Officials from the city of Columbus New Mexico who I made legal and Lawful good faith sales for over a 18 months, had direct ties with a Jamie Avilla, Jamie Avilla is the one the ATF let buy the rifle that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona Dec 2010, so the ATF knew about the Columbus Officials way back and did nothing but promote the sale of firearms to these government officials from Columbus then when there stupid operation killed a Border patrol agent, they blame me for making legal and lawful good faith sales to cover up there mistake, they are priceless I tell you.
I need help, is there anyone who can help me get a copy of the PSR, I have tried the court, probation, my past lawyer and no one will help me, I need to get a Lawyer to help me get this document as the media want a copy of it to prove the connection between the Columbus Officials and Arizona and so I can try and get this over turned and get my life back and go after these people for doing this to me and my family, I wont give up, please e mail me if any one can help me.

Also what I have been trying o do is get my Lap Top back, my GPS which was a present from my wife, my camera, and DC’s some of our wedding back on July 4th 2007, they gave me no receipt and still wont tell me when I can get my property back, can you believe this, its just unbelievable.


Thank you all
God Bless you and God Bless America.
Ian Michael Garland
US Citizen and damn proud of it.

7 Jan

Ian Going to Speak with Mexican Consul General Today

Please pray for Ian as he prepares to talk with the Consul General of Mexico about how Mexican citizens were endangered by irresponsible Fast & Furious schemes.

May justice fully be done, and those truly responsible be required to give an accounting of the lives lost and destroyed!

5 Jan

Diana Washington Valdez of the El Paso Times Article on Ian

El Paso Times Headline:

Former gun shop owner fights gun-smuggling charges after release from prison
Supreme Court’s decision for Garland could influence other gun “straw purchase” cases


31 Dec

Ian Forbidden from Attending the Military Funeral of a Friend

A recent email from Ian:

Last Friday I put in a request to go to a World War two veterans Funeral, my best Friends dad, we worked for the US Army here training our troops at Ft Bliss for sever years, I am a veteran myself. They would not let me go to the funeral today, can you believe that? But they have no problem putting me out on the street for 5 days homeless with no money, clothes, ID, phone, ID, they are priceless I tell you, The WWII vet also was a 30 year veteran in the US Border Patrol, how sad they wont let me go, but I spent 8 hours downtown looking for work by myself, unreal.

Ian M. Garland
ATF Scapegoat

18 Sep

Thorough Update from Ian

Ian has been sentenced and is now in a minimum security federal prison in South Dakota. He has access to email, though it is limited. The conditions in which he is living are better than in New Mexico–though he is innocent, and does not belong in the situation in which he now finds himself. I scanned an extensive typed letter from Ian, and have placed the contents here. I hope you might find a moment to write to Ian, and certainly to pray for him and his family. Consider that, if the tyrannical government continues unchecked, any of us might find ourselves in a similar situation.

Max Keiser reported this week on the Alex Jones radio broadcast that when government entities sign agreements with private prison management companies the contracts include occupancy clauses that guarantee a minimum of 90% occupancy. This creates an environment in which courts must fill quotas to keep prisons full. Being nice is not enough. We must act now to preserve what little freedom we have left, and to restore our American Republic.

Here are Ian’s words:

Some time before the Leo incident, I had a customer come and buy 2 rifles, the customer
had a temporary DMV license (printout) which I ma~a co~of, I am not required to make copies, but I do as a safeguard. I was told I didnt need to make copies when I had my
5 day audit and was told I over documented everything. The customer had a matching checkbook and was filling out the (4473) background FBI form, so I was OK with the check.
The customer filled out the (4473) form and I called the FBI background check center and
gave all the information to the background check officer, the check came back,pass, I completed the sale. 2 weeks later the check comes back bad, I go to the address on the forn that the customer had filled out and it was in EI Paso,Tx, I found no such number in that street, I called the number that the customer had called me from and it was disconnected.
I went to EI Paso, P.D. and they said they could not do anything to help me. I called
the ATF to report the theft and they said I dont need to report the loss to the ATF,
but I filled out a report of lost stock anyway. I called the Otero county sheriffs office and madea report and the firearms were place on the national data base for stolen firearms. About 2 weeks later I went to a Texas DMV center and asked to speak to a Texas trooper,
the counter person went in the back office and bought out a state trooper, who by chance turned out to be a customer of mine, Trooper Diego. Trooper Diego and myself went into
the back office and I gave him all the information and copy of the DMV printout I had, Trooper Diego run the information and came back and showed me a picture of someone, I was more than shocked, not that the person whos picture I was looking at was not the person
who bought from me but this picture I am looking at is a white guy in from Garland, Texas. The person who bought from me was Black, one of the things on the (4473) I have to call
in is race, how did a black guy using a white guys ID pass the FBI background check,
when I said Black as race, how did that not come up red flagged? Trooper Diego said he
is going to get this person, either from picture or hand writing sample from the (4473) About two weeks later, 2 agents turn up at my house and start asking questions, I thought
oh now your interested since I am trying to get something done on my own, They ask me question I have already told Trooper Diego and then I am hit with the statement of all statements, the agent says to me “Trooper Diego said you called in the background
check as white so it would pass” I said rubbish, I know I have an accent but there is
no way I called the background check in as white when the guy was black, further more
if you think that, why dont you play the tapes, all calls are recorded at the FBI
national background check center. The agents said nothing and left. That really put
some mistrust in my mind over that statement, here I am going all out to try and find
this person and the ATF come up with a stupid question like that?
About two months later, I get a call from Tim Schielch, who I have known for about 16 years, he asks me, did I lose two rifles, black guy, fake ID, checkbook, I said yes, how do you know, I told very few people, Tim says, there is a guy at my neighbors right now and the way hes talking about it, it has to be you, I said it was me, I was in El Paso at that time and could not get back to Chaparral, Tim said, well the guy is leaving now but coming back later, I will see what I can do. About two weeks later, I got a email from Tim, photo of the guy, photo of his vehicle, license plate and his real name, I called the ATF and gave all the information I had, I aslo left a message for Trooper Diego,
no calls were returned from the Trooper. About 5 days later Tim called and asked me did I call the ATF, I said yes, Tim said they had not called him, I had given them Tim,s number and name as witness. I called Trooper Diego 3 times and left 3 messages on his private cell phone which I had the number too. About a week later I get a call late at night, it showed up as restricted, it woke me up and sounded like Trooper Diego, he said I cant say to much, but Ive been told to drop the case, I said OK and he hung up, next day I told Tim and we could. not work out what was going on, Tim said he will do some checking, about a week later, Tim called me and said, his neighbor is a confidential informant for the U.S. Marshal service, I was more than stunned, by shear luck I find the guy and nothing is done???? This put so much mistrust in my mind.

This incident happened in 2010,
the Leo incident.
I had a customer call me~about buying 3 rifles, he came to my business and just before he arrived, he called me and said when he gets there his friend is going to stay in the car, I thought why tell me? Leo arrives and comes inside and gives me a license face down, I gave him the paperwork (4473) and before I could say anything he rushes out the door and says his friend is going to fill it out in the car! I look at the license and its not Leo and the License is an expired Three years Texas license.
Leo comes back in and I tell him, I cant sell to you, this is not your license and its expired, Leo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large sum of cash and says, how about and extra$3,000 for no paperwork? I said no I cant do it, you will get in trouble and so will I. (3 rifles $1800 plus an extra $3000, heck of a deal)
Leo asks again and I again say no, Leo says ok and leaves.
I am standing there stunned with what just happened, I did not know what I should do, so I called my business partner at Atlas Loan and Pawn in El Paso, TX, Richard Rios and tell him what just happened and what should I do, call the police or not worry about it? Richard tells me to call the police, which I did as soon as I finished talking to Richard, I called Otero county sheriffs office (911) About 10 min later I had 4 officers arrive and I explained to them what just happened and I gave them the number that Leo
had called me from, One officers name was Ruben a dispatcher with Otero county sheriffs office, the officers took the report and left and as soon as they left, I thought that was the end of that.
Wrong … Leo called me again 5 min after the officers had left and said, sorry we cant do business, I said OK bye.
That weekend I had a gun show to attend in El Paso, Texas and saturday morning while at the show, Leo starts calling me again and telling me he is going to come to the gun show and buy some guns, I went straight to El Paso police officers who do the security at the gun show and explained the situation, they said they could not do anything, no crime had been comitted. Another gun dealer heard what was going on and called the ATF in El Paso, he knew some of the agents there and about 8 agents arrived and the led agent spoke to me and I told him the story, he said will I point him out when Leo arrives, I said yes, the first time I saw Leo at the show, he was at another gun dealers table with someone he later said was his brother, I knew the gun dealer who they were trying to buy from and
I called him via cell phone, but Joe did not pick up, Leo then came to my table and looked at some of my firearms and without making it obvious, I pointed him out to the ATF agent. Leo left and I saw several agents follow him out the door, the led agent returned and Ivanted to speak to me in a private room, I followed him to that room and asked him, did you get him (leo) he said no we lost him, I thought that was weird and you had about
8 agents and you didnt even get a license plate number?
The agent said can we come to your house monday and continue the investigation, I said
Yes. On Monday the agent came to my house with a picture who I identified as Leo and
said if thats his real name, the ATF agent said it was hisreal name, I told them the whole story again and said, to date Leo has called me 75 times, They told me this guy Leo is bad news and will you help us get him, I said yes I will help, The agents gave me a number to give Leo when he calls and tell him I know someone with AK-47s with no paper work, Leo did call back and with much time and worry about reprisals, I did my part and thought that was the end of it. Wrong again … About 2 weeks later I was working at Atlas loan and pawn when who walks in, Leo, I could not believe it, I guess Leo did not know I worked there and when he saw me he turned around and left. At that time, I started to have real doubts on what was really going on and I became very critical of the ATF. About two weeks later I had Agents Josh and Greg fromATF,El Paso office come to my house and ask questions about another customer, while they were checking my paperwork, I asked them, what happened with Leo, they ignored me at first and I asked again, they finally said, we got him and it led to something bigger and we cant say no more, the only thing I could think of was Liars ….. I asked them who was following me and who am I chasing down the road at 100 mph, they said we dont know. soon after that Greg and Josh left.
What does this prove? It proves that their is a line I wont cross and that I would work with the ATF if asked.
Ian M.Garland

I read the indictment about December 14th for the first time. This is what I found and question.
If you count the number of firearms recovered in Mexico, a total of 13 and just two weeks before the indictment was issued?
How convenient just two weeks before the indictment, I was selling off and on for nearly 18 months and nothing turned up till two weeks before the indictment?
The congressional reports states, firearms were turning up all the time in Mexico and the ATF in Mexico was being shut out by the ATF in the united states.
I have also read a report that the ATF and FBI have known about the columbus group as far back as 2009! So why did they let me sell for near 18 months when I was notifying the FBI, ATF, and my local Sheriff! “Fast and Furious” Thats why.
Then when people started dying, they looked for scapegoats.
A recent report states “Fast and Furious” was expanded to New Mexico & Texas. The ATF let 3,000 documented firearms in Arizona go to Mexican drug cartel and that not counting the firearms purchased in private sales, no paperwork.
John Doddson, ATF special agent who said people are going to get killed in this stupid operation blew the whilstle on the ATF after Border patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by a Firearm the ATF let go.
John Doddsons last comment in the congressional report states, “We the ATF armed
the drug cartel, its disgusting” John Doddson was fired after he went to the media.
The Prosecutor stated over and over that these government officials who bought
from me drove 2.5 hours just to buy from me when they passed all these others
gun shops in Deming and Las cruces, For a start why do I care where my customers
come from? if they have ID, pass the back ground check and dont tell me they are going to misuse their firearms, I make the sale, I state that on my TV interview, but why would someone going to Chaparral from Columbus go via Deming and Las Cruces? The indictment does say these goverment officials were stopped on Highway 9, that one hour from Columbus to Chaparral, so why did the prosecutor lie?
The indictment also states that this group was buying firearms at gun shows, private buys which no paper work is required, I have complained many times to the ATF about that in general, but I am told its legal.
The best on the indictment to make me look baill; is that it states several times
that my customers from colu~bus0hop~ht; arn’uhknown’ fi~eaillmi f~m~:GhaparraD’Guns,’on such a date? UNKNOWN? If I was calling in every sale and documenting every sale on paper, how could they be unknown? Another lie to make me look bad and a evil gun dealer.
I made legal and lawful good faith sales to government official who lied to me and the ATF knew it and did nothing.
But I am made out to be this evil gun dealer? I think not
The ATF is a disaster, Fast and furious was a disaster.
Why did I have so much mistrust in the ATF? They lied to me time and time again. Harassed me.
Read what happened to Randy Weaver and his family in Ruby Ridge,ID and then ask me why I mistrust the ATF.
Did Brian Terry know as he lie dying on the Arizona desert floor, Dec 2010 that his own government had killed him? Shame on you ATF and shame on all those who let this happen

ADDED $25 TO ORDERS $1,000 per RIFLE
Rubbish, the indictment clearly states those people were buying from everywhere and with no paper work private sales, I documented everything.
All my sale were of legal firearms, all sales were lawful and legal in the USA. 30 ROUND MAGAZINE
100% Legal in the united states. 7.62 mm
So if they wec~ 5.56 is that better or a 308 calibar? again 100% legal. EASY CONCELABLE
Rubbish, these are over 10 Ibs and 20 inches long, but again 100% legal (Draco Pistol) PREFERRED BY THE DRUG CARTEL
I didnot sell to the drug cartel, I sold to the Mayor,Police officer, trustee 100% legal firearms in the USA, my paperwork proves it. I see AR-15s and PS-90 on TV in Mexico? PAPERWORK NOT IN ORDER
My paperwork is perfect, I over documented every thing, told so on my 5 day audit by ATF. BLIND EYE ON THEM
I turned a blind eye, thats a good one, I notified the FBI,ATF,Sheriff for over a year. STRAWPURCHASE
Someone can buy a firearm for someone else as long as that person is not prohibited. Son can buy for father, mother for daughter, son for dad, etc.
I live in Chaparral not hollywood, I drive a 16 YO Bronco, shop and buy my wifes medicine In mexico,$30 In El Paso $200.
No, $25 is for a transfer fee only, sometimes I charge $20, some dealers charge $45-$60 and most wont do transfers,I do, I believe in putting as many firearms back on paper. $1,000 PER RIFLE
No,I didnt charge $1,000 per rifle, that is what Leo tried to bribe me with for no paper work. Why would someone do paper work and pay$I,OOO for a $400 firearm? dont make sense.
Yes, my Wife is Diabetic and only another Australian can tell you how weird it is that you can drive to another country.
4 RIFLES QUOTE $20,000
No, it was 10 rifles for the Department, Columbus Police dept. DRIVE TIME 2.5 hrs to my shop
Who would drive via Deming,Las cruces 2.5 hours when hwy 9 is 1 hour? Indictment says Hwy FLIGHT RISK
Why would I leave my wife and family, my home for something I have not done? CARRIED OUT HIS CUSTOMERS ORDER.
I cant tell you how stupid that statement was, in fact I dont carry out cause if I drop my customers order, I am liable for the damage, so I make it a point not to.
Hmmm, I made legal and lawful sales for over a year and the ATF stood by and did nothing? HAS FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA
My mom is 80 years old and thanks to the lying ATF and Prosecutor, I will most likely not see my mom again.
My wife and I married on July 4th NOT 9-11 how dare you call me that.

This is what I was asked and what the ATF concentrated on at my debrief.
I was dragged into the debriefing room in chains, still wondering what was going on.
There was about 8 people at the defrief, not including my attorney or myself.
I was asked about a magazine that CBP found the Sunday I returned from Mexico after going to Mexico to buy my wife diabetic medicine, groceries and to get gas.
The ATF agent asked me, Tell us about that magazine they found in your car last
sunday when you came back from Mexico? At first I thought, Damn, did I miss something, I am very careful in sanitizing my car before I go as I use my Bronco for my Gun Business, Then I think, no, because I would have been stopped right then and there
at the border crossing returning from Mexico.
CBP did strip my car that day and found nothing and I was sent on my way, my car was damaged due to neglect in the search, a real shame, I take pride in everything I own and to sit and watch people damage your vehicle is very sad indeed.
The same question went round and around, this agent was so sure of himself. Finally, I said OK, what was it for, Glock, .22, AR-15 what.
MR.So sure of himself says “You tell us”
At that point I started to realize what they were talking about and so did the prosecutor, the prosecutor said something like, oh shit!
Yes, it was a magazine, not a magazine that holds bullets and placed into a firearm, but a MAGAZINE from 7-11 that you read! I have several magazines on my front
seat of my Bronco and one was a magazine that I had bought and placed with several other magazines resting on my front seat, the magazine was Guns and Ammo, an article on the new Springfield 40 cal.
There were some red face after that, I just sat there all chained up thinking to myself, how can this happen? This has to be a joke, any minute Allen Funt from Candid camera is going to come storming in.
This is the other fantastic question I was asked at the debrief.
Am I a Lawyer? I said no why do you ask?
Th,~y show me one of my business cards, on the end of my name, it had Esq, they told me that means a lawyer here in the united states.
I told them, not where I come from, its an English term for a nobleman, Gentlemen, or a young person can be addressed as squire, I was addressed that way as a young person growing up in Australia, I was refered to as squire many times, I had no idea in all my years of being in the united states that it meant a lawyer here.
I still cant work out why you or how you would mix a magazine up that you buy at 7-11 with a gun clip magazine. I was charged with smuggling that was dropped.
They also asked me, do I tell my customers that my wife is a border patrol agent, I said, My wife works for Border Patrol, she contracts for them and she was a former police officer at Ft Bliss, I am very proud of my wife.
I was due for another debrief, but I found out, all the people from Columbus,N.M.
The government officials who bought from me for over one year, all told the ATF and prosecutor that I knew nothing about their gun smuggling operation and they all told the ATF and prosecutor, why is Ian here, he knew nothing, we only used him to buy from. So I conclude the ATF and prosecutor knew I was not part of that group and there was
no conspiracy with them, so why did they make me a scapegoat for their own failed operation, Fast and Furious? How bad does it make them look, I sold legal and lawful Firearms for over a year and the ATF,FBI,Sheriff who I was reporting all sales to
did nothing, can someone explain thatone to me?

They were government official from the city of columbus, NM. Mayor, Police chief, police officer,trustee.
Drove to my business in a police car and other government vehicles. Several times in a police uniform.
They were all willing to do the FBI background check. They all had positive IDs
They all passed the FBI instant background check when called in.
I gave a verbal warning about firearms turning up in crimes or Mexico on how they will be traced, they assured me they were for them selves, Families for protection, other police officers, some for trading, collecting at gun shows.
They knew about the multiple reporting form that I have to submit to the FBI,ATF and local sheriffs department.
I sold for nearly 18 months, no problems, no trace information requests from the ATF.
I did a News special on TV, Channel 9 El Paso with Matt Rivers, I state clearly that I do the FBI background check and if the FBI say I am good to go, I make the sale.
If a customer is denied, which has happened, I dont make the sale and I have a folder full of denials.
The Government officials from Columbus gave me no reason not to sell, none at all. \~hy did the ATF let me sell for near 18 months when congressional reports state that the ATF and FBI knew about what was going on in Columbus,NM as far back as 2009? Fast and Furious, thats why, the policy to let known gun smugglers walk firearms
from the United States to the Mexican drug cartel, the congressional reports clearly States that this was the policy.
It also states that firearms were infact turning up in Mexico and the ATF assigned to Mexico were reporting this to the ATF in Arizona and the ATF working in Mexico was being kept out of the loop by the agents in the United States.
I made legal and lawful sales to government officials who lied to me and the ATF stood there and did nothing, does not law enforcement have a legal and moral obligation to stop crime in progress and not let it continue? I guess not, thats why we have a dead Border patrol agent and a dead ICE agent and thousands of Mexican citizens.
If my customers pass the background check, dont tell me they are going to misuse their firearms, I make the sale, where do I draw the line in my sales?
Cause they are hispanic, black, have long hair, tattoos, drive a hummer, nose ring, gay, white, I would go crazy with worry.
I wastaught to trust the police, my wife was a police officer and we all served with pride and dedication, pity I cant say the same for some other goverment agencies.
I proved myself that I would help the ATF with the Leo incident but the harassment continued, day after day to the point I could not tell you what 2 plus 2 was!
If I sell you a car and you go out and rob a bank and in fleeing run down and kill a police officer, is that my fault?
If you tell me beforehand thats what your going to do, 1m not selling you the car and I am calling the police!
Read The Leo incident, because thats what I did, I called the police!!!!

Why Did I plea
My Lawyer talked me into pleaing, time and time again I wanted a trial. Told, Good judge.
See you not part of the Columbus group. Time served
Go home
I’m in a Filthy jail cockroaches
Over flowing toilets Solitary confinement Scared
My wife is sick
Going to lose our house My Animals need care
I was on anti depressants Denied bond
I was not giveil a copy of the plea.
I was not told about the 5 years I was facing.
I was not told about the consequences of the plea
Then I am told only guilty people want trials, by my attorney? So I plea to a Lie, to something I didnt do.
A short time later I stop the anti depressants and cleared my head.
This is not right I think, I want a trial, I didnt do what they say I did. My Attorney tells me one thing and I seem to be pleaing to another thing?
I write my Attorney, My wifes calls my attorney, I call my Attorney, no calls returned? I finally write the judge and tell him I want a trial and Bond, the judge writes me and my Attorney and my attorney comes around the next day and trys for 3 hours to talk me out of withdrawing my plea, I say I want a trial, this is not right.
The delay was caused by my attorney not responding to my calls or letters, that is why it took so long for me to withdraw my plea.
My attorney had a copy of the probation report for some time but never shared it with me till after I withdraw my plea, so for the goverment to say I pulled my plea
because I didnt like the PSR is a load of rubbish, My Attorney had the report and did not share it with me for one reason or another, my attorney is an officer of the court
and will testify about me not having the report before I withdrew my plea.
To say I knew all the time that the group from Columbus was smuggling firearms to Mexico is a Lie, if I had known this I would have went straight to the ATF and Police and stopped selling to them, the Mayor, police officer, Trustee & families.
The first time I read the plea was August 27/2012 after my appeals attorney sent it to me, If Mr.Ortiz had given me a copy to read in the first place, I would never have agreed and would never have signed it.
My Attorney stated that most of his cases are drug related cases, My attorney does not know firearms. Drugs are illegal, you can not sell illegal drugs.
Firearms are not illegal, I sold legal firearms and did all the paper work that proves that I did.

So far I have heard the mayor who was part of the columbus smuggling group received 43 months. One other person only received 36 months. To this date I dont know how much time the police chief or police-trustee officer received.
From what I was able to read and what I was told, the PSR calls them all minimal players in their smuggling operation, This has to be another joke of all time, minimal players I ask? The Mayor was using government vehicles and buying from
me. The other minimal player was lying & buying as were all the others and they all knew what was going on from the start. I was the only one who had no idea what was going on and I get 5 years?
These people all told the ATF and prosecutor that I was not involved in their smuggling operation taking firearms to Mexico, but I get 5 years?
The prosecutor withheld evidence that clears me of being part of that group and documents were sealed.
This is why there was no second debrief, there was nothing I could help the government with.
I only saw part of the PSR, it stated that I knew nothing about what was going on with the group from Columbus.
Why would I do all the paperwork and notify the FBI background check center?
The ATF with multiple reporting forms? The local Sheriff with multiple reporting forms?
Why did I deny the mayor at first? Why did I deny Manual Ortega?
My paperwork proves that i did nothing wrong. The Government filed objections to the PSR, why?
Because everyone knows I’m just a scapegoat for the ATF and their failed operation “Fast and Furious”
Because they let me sell for over a year to individuals they knew were smuggling
as far back as 2009.
Because they ruined a good American citizen and dont have the balls to say, we screwed
I just received a copy of the plea, people say I should have read it first, how do I read something I was not given, I saw one page upside down through a window while talking to my attorney on the phone!
The plea is several pages long and I did not understand why I was given a $700 fine at sentencing, I have no money, what sense does that make, but I read it in the plea agreement last week, amazing. I would never have signed that last page of the plea if I was given a copy to read, but as I said, I cant read something I was not given.
I am not allowed to receive a copy of the PSR or objections from the government to the PSR, why?
I filed an appeal with the 10th circuit court of appeals, June 1st 2012 Because I was denied a trial, why was I denied a trial?
Even terrorists from abroad get trials?
I will write further updates as this nightmare progresses.
My Attorney is Jennifer L. Attrep,ESQ (Expert Appeals Attorney) 1322 Paseo De peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone (505) 989-1029
I write to the President of the united states, every week and I am asking President Obama to send me home from this nightmare.

Straw purchase.
Its my understanding that someone who is not prohibited from buying a firearm can buy a firearm for someone else who is not prohibited, other wise everyone who’d buy for their wife, son, daughter,father would be guilty of a straw purchase.
On 1-10 & 1-25 around the Las Cruces area heading north, there were large bill board signs put up by the ATF stating (Buy a gun for someone who cant! buy yourself 10 years
jail) If this was Leo doing this, I would not have sold to them and called the
police and ATF as I did in the Leo incident.
The ATF give out a book to all FFL dealers, the book I was given was only 7 years out of date!
I was reporting sales from day one! I notified the FBI, back ground check center,
I notified the ATF, with the multiple reporting form, I notified my local sheriff, Otero county sheriff’s office, If I was doing something wrong, where was my back-up? where was my help, The ATF and prosecutor both state that I should be a mind reader! Maybe I should be on TV with a fake Jamaican accent like Cleo!
Why would I suspect a police chief,mayor,police officer,trustee of being smugglers? I turned out to be a big embarrassment for the ATF, so I was kept in a filthy cell for 450 days, denied a trial, denied to talk, denied to talk to the media, moved
to a super max facility, denied to call my attorney, my mail was being returned ripped up, CBS flew from Washington,DC and was denied when they got to Las cruces detention center, Why?
I am told their is a similar case in Houston,TX, the guy went to the media and the case was dropped! Hmmm, why was I kept in Solitary and denied media interviews?
I denied the Mayor at first, he had a PO BOX on his drivers license, he had to give me back-up identification which had a physical address on it, which he did.
Another buyer was Manual Ortega, he wanted to buy a firearm, he came back denied and I did not sell to him, his paper work is in my denial file.
The ATF and Prosecutor are trying to seal evidence, why?
There is nothing on the tapped phone calls with me saying anything wrong, not one thing, Play the tapes! all the tapes.
I have even been told they have this columbus group on tape saying between each other on the phone, dont tell Ian what we are doing when we get to his gun shop, he knows nothing! once again Play the tapes.
If I was not indicted, what would have happened, the media would have come and interviewed me and asked questions, How long was I selling to them for? Hear 18 months!
Did you tell the ATF? Yes and FBI and local sheriff. What did they do? Nothing!
What! nothing? well they told me on 3 different occasions to keep selling, once
with another gun dealer, Richard Rios from Atlas Loan and Pawn in EI Paso,TX.
Gee, sounds like Fast and Furious to me.
I, my wife and family have written to The
President Obama, Congressman D.Issa.
I wont give up.
President of the united states, Senator C.Grassley.
My 80 year old mother living in Australia is sending my wife money to try and save our house, we were about to re-finance, our rate is over 7.5% I didnt have a chance to re-finance and my wife cant do it any more, weare going to lose our house, our dream. I have written to my mortgage company, Vanderbilt Mortgage & finance in Maryville,TN and they dont care, not one bit, they refuse to help us, so I guess
we will lose our house in the end, our dream,our American dream, all for a lie
so the ATF can save face in their stupid operation, “Fast and Furious”

Thess Government officials bought 180 firearms over 18 months and I reported every sale to the ATF,FBI,Local sheriff, but I am supposed to be a mind reader and know that a mayor, police chief, police officer/trustee are gun smugglers.
I am told no one buys that many guns.
I have been selling and trading firearms for 32 years, I have seen far bigger collections.
At gun shows in New Mexico,Arizona and Texas ,many so called private collectors have 300 firearms on their tables with signs, Private collector,No paperwork, No background,No Tax.
I have seen them sell to anyone and everyone, even minors, which I have reported. ATF does nothing.
When I was told that no one buys that many firearms, I have to laugh and read the ATF inter office Email I have, Which states,
(People buying multiple firearms, after all is a very common thing in southern states)
Why dont you just come clean and admit you screwed up,ATF?
I have 28 pages of non stop harassment, the best one is the Leo incident and how the U.S.Marshal confidential informant stole two of my rifles.
What the prosecutor said to the judge was just garbage.
Where is the hard evidence that I doctored paper work? where I am on tape saying they are after us, we better run to Mexico the gigs up!
Where is the evidence that I did not report my sales? or passed and sold to people who were denied?
No, there is nothing is there, that’s why I was denied a trial, truth hurts.
But play the tapes and you will hear how happy I was to help the ATF with the Leo incident and how I was asking, if there is something else wrong, tell me and I will help you.
I will continue to write the president for a pardon and send me home before I lose our house.
I will continue to write Senator Grassley and Congressman Issa for help and start an investigation into the whole ATF Fast and Furious nightmare that has ruined so many lives.
Last update Sept/02/2012

I was kept in Solitary confinement for over 450 days in Las cruces and then moved to CCA,Estancia, super max when the media tried to get in to interview me.
Kept in a room, 6 by 12 Filthy bug ridden, drug infested places, what a disgrace, Las cruces detention center was just hit with a 22 million dollar judgement over abuses in the jail. Las cruces detention center just busted a contract worker bringing drugs into the jail, this was going on the whole time while I was there.
I was frozen, they would not give me an extra blanket, they play this stupid game that only a doctor can give the order for an extra blanket, can you imagine saying that to your kids, sorry you cant have a extra blank! I was mistreated, got food poisoning, stood in raw sewage for hours, denied phone calls, denied to call and see my attorney, not given any books to read for weeks on end, I’d sit there, every second, every minute, every hour, every day after day. What food my wife would send, they would take, I lost 72 Ibs, in the end I had to stop eating, the food
was making me sick, I lay on the ground for two days, no help at all, so sick
to my stomach, my neighbor finally started kicking his door till they came and helped me, I’d throw up with no help, the nurse would be right there and would
not do anything. I waited a day and a half to get toilet paper, they would not
give me toilet paper, but they would take your books if you had more than 2?
they sure got there priorities right. My other neighbor Was feeling sick and
they would not help him, next morning, he was dead, I used to slide him coffee
he had nothing. The media tried to get in and thats when they moved me 4 hours
away to the middle of New Mexico, to CCA Estancia.
I was placed into a freezing cell and in the morning I could not walk, I was so cold, I needed help to walk, I had no TV, books, nothing. I had no hot water,
I went to shower and the water was cold? time and time again, I gave up, they said the boiler was broken, some guards said they turned one boiler off to try and
save money, I was not allowed to go outside and when I was, they’d try and talk
me out of it, too windy, too cold, too hot. My wife could not visit, I complained about that, they said I was crazy, of course she can visit you, Yes, she could drive by herself 4 hours for a one hour visit and drive back 4 hours at gas $4.00 a gal, what was I thinking? One guys family drove two hundred mile and they told them
they were to busy come back later? he never did see them. I was still sick from Las cruces for weeks and they would not change my food, I told the head nurse
that when I worked with the Iraqis, I eat Kosha and it did my system good, they laughed at me and said only Jewish people eat that, thats how much they know.
My wife didnt know where I was and finally wrote, she was falling apart and I could not call her, I wanted to tell her to sell the house, I was crying because they

me in a freezing cell? I never resisted or made any threats at all, they permanatly damages my right hand. Again my room flooded with raw sewage and I was left sitting in it for hours two days in a row, they would not let me out, they finally passed the mop through a hole in the door where they pass the food, I could not believe that, I had to wring the mop out with my bare hands in my wash basin, my god I am
so glad my Wife and mother cant see this. They moved me again and would not let
me take my legal mail. The guards would keep peoples personal property, my radio and sell them, my wife went with medicine so I could buy a $20.00 radio and they stole it, along with my wifes letters and my bible. I was transported with women,
I dont know why and in the van, they exposed themselves to me, how do I tell my
wife this. When they transported me back to Las cruces, over 4 hours no water
in a hot van, I passed out, they would not give me water, I threw up everywhere
and they were more worried about the mess than my health, I had heat stroke.
This is only part of the abuse I have received for no reason at all, treated like charles manson and now I am at a federal prison camp, no fences or gates, I walk were I please, across the road to a gym, go feed the local cat, sit in the park, go figure.

My wife is having a,physical arid. mental breakdown, she has been going without her diabetic medicine, without going to see our kids, going without food so she can send me a few dollars so I can call and write her and buy shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste and some food. My wife had surgery and I told the judge this and he didnt care,
my wifes partner was killed on duty and all I could do was listen to my wife cry on the phone for 15 minutes, she has tried all by herself to try and save our dream, our house, she is about to get laid off from her job, no fault of her own.
Our mortgage rate is 7.5% we were just about to re-finance when this nightmare started, I have called and written to Vanderbilt Mortgage and loan and they
wont help us at all, they just dont care, Vanderbilt Mortgage and loan, Maryville,TN. My wife tried so hard to save our house and here I am I cant do a thing about it.
My step children all support and love me, I dont call them my step children,only in this letter, they are my children, they are the best, like their mother.
Our beautiful house is falling apart, all our trees are dead, my beautiful animal all dead but 3 of them. My beautiful nubian goat, just had twins, so friendly, gone. my 20 beautiful ducks, all dead, my injured white duck a customer bought me that
took me two months of care, he just started walking again, Quaky is dead.
My guinea hens, dead. My beautiful geese all dead but one. My beautiful turkey who would follow me around and I would pick him up and carry him, dead.
All my pet chickens, dead. My neighbor savedTom,JR and Gracie the female turkey and Blue eyes the female goose, 3 out of 50. My neighbore tried, she did not
know untill it was too late to save them, cause they would not let me make a phone call. My two cats 12 and 13 are still ok, so far. My 22 lb Wingy Boy who would run up the drive way at night and jump into my Bronco when I get home is a very loyal cat. All my pets as weird as it may sound had names, they were my pets and all so special to me, people say I can get more, yes but it wont be the same, these were living creatures and the ATF killed them just like they killed Brian Terry,Jamie
Zappata and thousands of Mexican citizens. Will I get to see my cats again?
My 80 year old mother living in Australia is trying to help pay for our house and help my wife, will I see my Mom again? I have seen my wife twice in 500 days. Will this destroy our marriage? I pray not, its killing my wife.
We have sold everything, Fridge, furniture,TVs, washer-dryer, all my tools are gone, so many people have taken advantage of my wife but so many have stuck by us, our neighbors, kids, family, friends, my sister.
Married on the 4th of July, fly my flag every day, We love our country. This is my American dream?
I’d hate to see my nightmare!
Does Any One Care?
This is only part of what I have gone through in the past 500 days, there is more abues than I care to remember, more lies than I care to remember, but I will write the whole story, little by little.

President B.Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Av NW Washington, DC 20005
Dear MR. President,
My name is Ian M.Garland, Australian born U.S. citizen.
I had a gun shop in Chaparral,N.M. I had government officials buy from
me for over a year, I did everything right. come to find out the ATF knew about these government official since 2009 and let me sell right up to 2011. I was indicted to save the ATF a great deal of embarrassment for letting me sell for over a year which no one can explain.
My wife and I love our country so much, that we married on July 4th 2007. My wife is a former police officer and I am very proud of her as I am with all my step children who I call my children.
I am at present, at Yankton,SD, a federal prison camp and will be here for about two year.
My wife and I are about to lose our house, we worked so hard for our house for our retirement and childrens future, we will never be able to get another house in this current situation.
My wife contracts for border patrol and her company are laying people of, no
fault of her own, I am so proud of my wife, she has tried for 18 months to try and save our house, all by herself, I was not telling my mother what was going on, she lives in Australia and is 80 years old, she found out and is trying to help
by sending my wife money to try and save our house.
Our Mortgage company will not work with us, Vanderbilt Mortgage and finance of Maryville, TN.
Please sir, I am asking for a pardon, I dont know what else to do.
I am 52 years’ old, Australian born U.S. citizen, I love my united states. I went to vietnam in 1984 on the MIA-POW issue.
I have trained our troops at Ft Bliss for 3 years everyday in the desert.
All I can do is hope and pray MR. President, I have written several news organizations who have been following my story, LA Times, Mr.Rick Serrano for one.
I have written to Senator Grassley and Congressman Issa.
I dont know what else to do sir, please sir your my only hope to save our american dream, I would really appreciate it, if you could help me with
a pardon.
Ian M. Garland 60687-051
Federal prison camp PO Box 700 Yankton,SD 57078 United States.
My Wife
Lorena Nahle Garland
944 Mike court Chaparral, NM 88081 United States of America (915) 204-4403
CC. LA Times CC. CBS News
CC. MR. Rick Serrano CC. Lorena N.Garland CC. El Paso Times


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