The Garden at the Old California Statehouse

No More Water Shortage: Limitless Source of Healthy Household Water


A system has been devised that has the ability to completely recycle all household water into water that is not only potable, but has a health-promoting alkaline balance.

The Reclamator is small enough to fit into a septic tank, but has the ability to completely recycle all the water needed for family life, removing the need for dangerous and unsanitary transportation of sewage through leaky ceramic pipes. Forget rebuilding sewer and water infrastructure! Every home can be water independent!

Understanding the Enneagram

Enneagram Circle w-colors

Realizing that not everyone sees from the same point of view as I do is a huge leap toward understanding that can contribute to strong foundations for mutually fulfilling relationships. There are various personality typing systems that can help bring this understanding.

If you have an interest in understanding personalities, visit another of our websites,

If you visit that website you will notice a system called the Enneagram. This brief video gives a rather feminine view of the Enneagram. Hopefully it can serve to capture your interest so you seek more wisdom:

Homes that Breathe Warm & Cool

You can have a home that is comfortable in virtually any climate with virtually no fuel cost.

Ekosea has beautiful home designs crafted to be warm in winter and cool in summer, while offering practical and esthetically pleasing living spaces.

The Picnics in the Grove

Another installment of Great Aunt Jenny’s stories of life on the farm

Picnic,3 sisters

The father of this family belonged to a German lodge called The Hessen. The
boys would take him to meetings. Someone got the idea of having picnics in the grove
for the lodge members and friends. The Lodge paid for the use of the grove. So the
father and the two older sons got busy and built tables, benches, a dance floor and
two Backhouses. They were made out of tin and marked “Ladies” and “Men”. The
picnics were to be on Sundays.

On the Saturday before, the three youngest children had to clean up the
grove; pick up branches and cow chips. The boys put seats on each side of the Republic truck for hauling themembers that didn’t have cars.

On the big day, the boys would meet the members at the street car loop by
the asylum grounds (Toledo State Hospital). They would make two or three trips.
Everyone brought their own lunches and picked a table. They sold beer, pop and ice
cream cones. The family would go out to the grove after dinner and join in the fun.
The younger with the kids, the older with the older men and women.

After the lunch time was over, the dancing would start. As the afternoon
wore on, the men would start to sing German songs acapella. They had beautiful base
voices. The whole grove rang with kids’ laughter, singing and music.

They would start to leave about dusk, some before. The truck took those who
didn’t drive back to the car line. The next day, the grove had to be cleaned up. There were many more picnics
after that.

Welcome to Pirl Culture

For a liberty lifestyle we need a liberty culture! Pearls of Liberty is our blog which examines a move in our country toward greater personal and political freedom. In this blog we will consider what life might look like once the elite controllers are no longer, well, in control.

Greater independence and wisdom will be required of us all. We will need to be ready to step up with solutions and suggestions for our neighbors and those who wish to hold public office.

Thomas Jefferson anticipated that our government would need an overhaul about every 75 years. We are overdue. We do not advocate or participate in open rebellion. However, our government is in the process of collapsing under its own weight. We must all be prepared to begin over again.

Think the scene in Logan’s Run in which all of the sheltered young people come out of the City to learn how to survive in the free, open world. We will very likely be faced with such a sudden change. Like Boyscouts, let us be prepared.